Thief Of A Goddess Heart

Book Length: Full Length

Greek goddess Athena had received an urgent summons to help out an Earth Daughter that she was very familiar with and one she favored who needed her dire assistance. Being remind by her father Zeus not to get involved with the affairs of mortals anymore because of the destruction and chaos they have caused, Athena had another plan in mind.

Ivy Jones was riding her custom-made pink chopper annoyed at the world on her way home from work. She was considered a rebel in town because of the all the noise she caused with her bike, but today of all days, she didn't care how many people stared at her. It was Monday and although she always hated this day, now she had even more reason to hate it.

When she headed into work that morning to the gallery where she held a position that paid her a six figure salary, she was forced into taking a sabbatical because the statue that she had found that was irreplaceable had gone missing. The owner of the gallery accused her of stealing the very special statue of Athena that she herself had found on a dig in Greece with her boss, Donovan Hayden. It was the oldest known statue and it was in perfect condition even though it was extremely old. Athena was beautiful, with her helmet and armor on and her owl companion perched on her arm. What made this statue even more valuable was it contained a ten caret ruby inside of it. The only person she told about the find was her boss, Donovan. Unfortunately though, Ivy found out that the statue was cursed just the same. On the day of the find, when she opened the box that the statue was nestled in, the energy of the stone hit her like a ton of bricks. Ivy was knocked out for hours after the find. She realized that the only way for her to feel better was to stay close to the stone. She didn't realize at the time that telling Donovan about finding the statue would turn out to be the biggest mistake of her life. Now she was still paying for it years later. She should have never told him about the statue nor allowed him to display it in the gallery. Unfortunately, at the time, her six figure income seemed like a good trade off. Little did she know that it would be the beginning of her endless nightmare.

Pulling into her driveway by the time she had noticed she was being followed, it was too late. A new, shiny black Mustang blocked her driveway. Ivy noticed right away that this guy was extremely handsome. Asking what he wanted from her he told her that his name was Dane Knight and he was a private investigator. She wasn't happy, but agreed to meet with him at the Dragon's Lair later that night to talk to him.

As the story progress she confides in him the entire situation and admits she has no idea where the Athena statue might be. Sparks fly whenever these two are together and she finds out more than she might ever want to know. She was involved deep in this situation now and she didn't know what the outcome was going to be in the end.

What information did Dane have to tell her? Do they ever find the precious statue of Athena again? What, if anything, comes out of the attraction that Ivy and Dane feel for each other?

I have to say that Ms. Love has penned an absolutely fabulous story. The storyline is extremely unique and quite interesting while the characters draw you in and make you feel like you are part of the story. From the very beginning of the story I was enthralled and I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat hoping that Ivy and Dane made it out okay in the end. It was action packed throughout and an enjoyable page-turner for me. This one is definitely a keeper in my library and if you pick up a copy I assure you that you won't be disappointed. Great story, Ms. Love. Keep the stories coming.

Book Blurb for Thief Of A Goddess Heart

Ivy Jones has had a challenging life. She's learned to distrust men, and sworn off the male population. Even her cotton-candy pink chopper is a not-so-subtle defiance of all things masculine.

Excavating in an ancient temple, Ivy has the good fortune to make the find of a life time-an intact and perfect Athena. But the statuette is more than it appears, lying in wait, to be discovered by a believer of the Goddess herself. It takes possession of Ivy and life begins to take on some unexpected twists. Then The Athena is stolen.

Dane Knight knows trouble when he sees it. As a Navy SEAL turned Private Investigator, he has encountered more than his fair share, and has sworn off taking any new cases-until the theft of The Athena is brought to him. He's drawn into the assignment, unable to resist, especially after he meets Ivy Jones, the Museum's Head Curator. Dreams haunt him, dragging him deeper into the case. He begins to peel back the layers, and soon discovers there is more to the case than a mundane theft.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 5.00