The Wiccan Kitten

I found this Halloween story a fun, light read for me. I loved how the story was based in Salem, Massachusetts and how poor Freyja Amador had to try to cast a spell in hopes of saving the resident ghost cat she lived with. I really liked how Ms. Saville made Freyja out to be an ordinary looking person and not some bombshell. The author developed Freyja into someone who was extremely likeable and attractive even though she wasn’t a runway model. I immediately feel in love with Freyja’s because of this characterization. I also liked how Freyja had to cast a ‘sex magick’ spell in order for the cat to be released from her building because she just found out the owner was selling it to make some big money.
As you read, you can feel the insecurities of Freyja coming through her dialogue and actions and you could only rally for her that she finds someone that she could fall in love and have sex with on Halloween night – which by the way is only two days away. When Shane Logan enters the picture, you can feel the sparks flying around these two.
Does Freyja fall in love with Shane and is he willing to help her out with her sex spell? What happens to the resident ghost cat in the end?
This is definitely a fun Halloween read that will tickle your fancy any time of year. I would definitely recommend it to other readers and I look forward to reading more from this author.  

Book Blurb for The Wiccan Kitten

Before her landlord's exorcism banishes the innocent apparition haunting her Salem apartment, Freyja Amador must cast a spell to save her ghost cat. Unfortunately, her spell's success can only be guaranteed through sex magick on Halloween night—two days away.

She needs a man. And she believes she has just met the perfect one.

Shane Logan, however, has troubles of his own. Operating under a centuries-old faerie curse, Shane must find a woman who can fall in love with him within three days--and having sex is not an option or he will turn to dust.

Will they both get what they need before time runs out on Halloween?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.00