The Sweetheart Tree

Sabrina and her sister, Adelia, decided to go to a Civil War museum one hot summer day in Virginia. Adelia loved history, but Sabrina was bored out of her mind listening to all the history from an extremely boring tour guide. She decided that she was going to leave her sister with the tour group and meet up with her later on. While getting ready to leave her, she decided that she needed to use the restroom first. She picked the closest building and found it unusually quiet. Once finished, she glanced around a small rectangular room lined with glass cases outside the ladies room. She looked at the faded uniforms, the confederate flags and numerous other dated items from the Civil War days. After chatting with another tour guide that just happened to walk in, she finally headed outside.

She walked over to the oh-so-important tree that everyone was making such a fuss over, The Sweetheart Tree, to get some shade. She looked at all the initials carved into the historic tree and admired what she was seeing. The oldest date that she found was from 1891. Looking closer at all the initials, she noticed more were at the trunk's base. These were different though and there seemed to be an arrow pointing to something. Looking closer to that area she could visibly see the ground was uneven. She decided to dig in the area and surprisingly she found a stiff piece of cloth that was wrapped around a beautiful topaz stone. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. The cloth had faded writing on it, but she just barely could make out what was written. She leaned up against the Sweetheart Tree, closed her eyes and then she was in for the surprise of her life.

What happened to Sabrina once she closed her eyes? Did it involve her sister too? Was she dreaming everything up or was she really a part of what was happening to her?

This was an enjoyable short read for me. The storyline was unique and I found myself entertained throughout these few pages. If you love history stories, you will definitely take a liking to this one.

Book Blurb for The Sweetheart Tree

One life turned the Battle of Sunken Bridge.

Not a history enthusiast, Bree doesn't pay much attention while at the Civil War museum with her history-buff sister. Though letters behind glass and a multitude of initials carved into the Sweetheart Tree do cause Bree to wonder if she will ever find someone to love that wholeheartedly.

She never expected to be thrown back in time; or to find the answer in the warm gaze of a confederate lieutenant. A lieutenant who, should he live, will alter history.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00