The Richest Season

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The Richest Season

Joanna Harrison is married to her husband Paul for twenty-five years.  During their time together, Paul has worked his way up the corporate ladder to bigger and better positions to provide more financially for his family, but in the process he fell short of every other aspect.  Now that the kids are grown, Joanna and Paul find themselves living separate lives.  They have moved so many times throughout the years because of Paul’s job that Joanna is numb to everything going on around her.
One day, she decides she has had enough of the loneliness and leaves her husband.  With no real plan set in her mind, she packs some things and starts driving.  She has no idea where she is heading, but she keeps on driving anyway.  After being on the road for hours, she stops at a nearby hotel and stays the night.  It is here she decides that she will head into Pawleys Island, South Carolina first thing in the morning.  Pawleys Island is a place that always fascinated her and it seems like the best place to go now that she is on her own.  Each day turns out to be an adventure for her as she crosses paths with an array of interesting and different people that will help Joanna on her journey of growing, learning and discovering herself again.
One person in particular that plays a vital role in Joanna’s journey is Grace Finelli, an older woman in her seventies, which hires her to be a live-in companion for six months.  Little does Joanna realize just how much Grace will become such an integral part of the lessons she will learn during her road of rediscovery.
Why did Grace hire Joanna in the first place?  How did Joanna’s husband and adult children handle her leaving the way she did?  Who else did Joanna meet while living in Pawleys Island and how do they help her rediscover herself again?  Do Joanna and Paul ever reconcile?
This debut novel by Maryann McFadden is so poignantly written that I was overwhelmed by the emotions I experienced while reading the story.  Each character wove their way into my heart and interacted with one another so genuinely and realistically that I felt as if I was living the story myself, through my eyes.  The storyline was quite creative and it entertained me from the very beginning.  This is a story like no other that I have read before and I highly recommend it to other readers.  I assure you that you will not be disappointed picking this story up.  I eagerly look forward to other works written by Ms. McFadden.   

Book Blurb for The Richest Season

Sometimes you have to leave your life to find yourself again...
A lonely corporate wife who runs away from home. An elderly woman facing a devastating loss. A top executive adrift in the world after he’s fired. Set on beautiful Pawleys Island, South Carolina, here is a novel about second chances occurring at the most inopportune times in life. In three parallel journeys Joanna, Paul and Grace walk away from lives they thought they wanted, only to rediscover a part of themselves they’d all but forgotten.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 5.00