The Pleasure in Reading

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The Pleasure in Reading

Nina decided to go to the local pub to relax a bit with a drink and a good book. The book she was reading was a racy, sexy novel and she was getting aroused just by reading it. She slammed the book down in fear of losing her sexual composure right there in the middle of the pub. She removed her reading glasses and while cleaning them with the bottom of her t-shirt, she realized that someone was staring at her.

He walked over to her and asked if the book she was reading just happened to be a mystery. Embarrassed she told him it was nothing special. He responded by saying that by the reaction she just gave him, it must be something special. He reached for the book and started reading it against her will. She was totally mortified. He started grinning at her and began reading the story out loud. She desperately tried to convince him to stop reading it. She was afraid everyone around them would hear him.

Still taunting her, he asked her if reading this stuff turned her on. Not knowing what to say, she asked him why he would ask her something like that. After a silent pause from him she inquired if he is asking because he is looking for a little action. He let out a laugh and still didn't answer her. Nina now decided to excuse herself and she headed to the ladies room. She stared at herself in the mirror critiquing every aspect of her looks. She was wondering what the man saw in her. Nina suddenly heard a knock at the door. Then another knock. She opened the door and found the surprise of her life.

Standing outside the door was the guy she was just flirting with a few minutes ago. He told her that she had forgotten her book, but he didn't even have it in his hands. He walked into the bathroom with her and they closed and locked the door. Realizing that she didn't even know his name didn't seem to stop her one bit from having steamy, hot sex right there on the counter.

After fooling around for a little bit in the bathroom, she asked him if he came to the pub often. Delightfully she found out that he goes there every day at the same time. Teasing her he added that he wouldn't mind reading more of the book she brought. While he was walking out of the bathroom she called to tell him that he forgot something. He walked back in and she introduced herself as Nina. He told her that his name was John and he would be seeing her again soon. As he left for a second time, she looked at herself in the mirror and admired how ravished and very pleased she now looked. She thanked her lucky stars she took along the book in the first place.

I found the story to be a quick read and the scenes were very vivid in detail.

Book Blurb for The Pleasure in Reading

Nina is a good girl with a naughty book. Never in her right mind would she consider having sex with a stranger, and yet, the lusty, appreciative gaze of a man seated across from her makes her second guess that thought.

The sexual tension sizzles between them, and the bold way the stranger speaks has her imagining the graphic contents in the novel, and she wants the written word to become reality. A wicked reality where two strangers find naked comfort... in a public place.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 3.00