The Perfect Candidate

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The Perfect Candidate

Caroline Lakehurst headed over to her boyfriend's house, Joshua Walters, for a special intimate dinner that he had planned for them. Caroline's heart raced every time she saw Josh. They both loved each other a great deal.

She was concerned though because she received a promotion at ACG Public Relations and she knew with this new position came long hours, more responsibility and seeing Josh almost never. It worried her a great deal. As the days were passing in her new position, the stress was really getting to her. Josh called several times and left messages, but Caroline was just so swamped that she didn't have the time to call him back.

One of her main goals she needed to accomplish fairly quickly was to hire a project team for her firm. The resumes seemed endless and the candidates with the most potential only received an interview. There were many interviews and so many demands that she was beginning to feel that she shouldn't have taken this position. Susan, her assistant, was a God send in helping Caroline during this transition period though. After not seeing Josh for awhile, Caroline finally was able to make plans for dinner for this upcoming Friday.

As luck would have it, another interviewed was scheduled just when Caroline was to leave and finally see Josh. Susan explained that it was a potential candidate and that it was extremely difficult to schedule him with an appointment. Reluctantly, Caroline decided to see the candidate.

Who was this qualified candidate? Was it worth Caroline's time to have been late to dinner with Josh? How did Josh feel about this?

This was am enjoyable short read. My heart went out to Caroline for being pulled in so many directions and felling like she was screwing up in her relationship with Josh. I thought that this story was very smooth flowing and the characters were well developed.

Book Blurb for The Perfect Candidate

Caroline Lakehurst leaped at the chance to manage her own project team at ACG Marketing. Now she wonders if instead she jumped into an endless cycle of long hours and deadlines that threaten her growing relationship with Joshua Walters. She has one last interview on Friday afternoon before their date. Caroline hopes to heal the cracks she sees forming in their relationship, before it's too late - but Joshua has other plans.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 3.50