The Money Bunny

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The Money Bunny

Jackson Hunter was an investor in his father's LA company, Hunter Industries. They had their eye on The Gibson Street project, a shopping center and high rise development, and they had invested quite a substantial amount of money to the development of this project. They were going to fight tooth and nail to get the project started as soon as they won the lawsuit placed against them by a ruthless female attorney that was suing Hunter Industries. The lawsuit was placed against them because they were trying to buy the land out from under some economically poor families that were living in the present prospective development area.

But luck didn't really seem to be on Jack's side. Though he was well off to say the least, having his own private limo with a driver and his fancy Maserati sports car, his life was increasingly getting more and more difficult. Because he had his license revoked for speeding way beyond the reasonable limit, he now had his driver take him everywhere he needed to go. Unfortunately, this particular day, his driver was no where to be found. Annoyed with the situation he knew he had only two other options to get home. He could call a cab, which would take forever to show up at this time of day because it was rush hour or he could take the bus. He decided he would ride the bus regretting though that he was going to ride through a really rough part of town on this bus route to get home.

During one of the routine stops, Jack couldn't believe his eyes. A woman dressed in a white bunny outfit got on the bus and proceeded to hand every passenger a pastel colored envelope containing money. Once she finished, she got off at the next stop. Jack thought she was the most beautiful woman he had seen in a long time, even though she was in a crazy bunny costume, and he wasn't going to pass the opportunity up to find out who she was and why she was dressed like she was. Sprinting off the bus behind her, he finally caught up with her. Inquiring why she had done that kind gesture for complete strangers her reply was, "Because I can." After being distracted by a kid zipping by on a bike, when he turned to talk to her again she was gone.

Abigail Crosby, a prominent attorney, was convinced to go out with her girlfriend, Gina, who happened to be a reporter, to an upscale bar. Abby didn't really want to be there, but since she was her friend took advantage of bringing up some information that she had heard at work. Gina brought up the fact that she heard that there was this do-gooder in a bunny outfit that passed out money in the poorest section of town and with a smirk on her face asked Abby if she knew anything about the situation. Abby indirectly admitted to it and while taking a sip of her drink she couldn't believe her own eyes when she scanned the other patrons in the bar.

What did Abby see that made her stop cold in her tracks and have her heart slam to a stop? Did Jack ever find out who the mystery Easter Money Bunny was? What happened with The Gibson Street project? Would Jack's luck finally change for the better for him?

The Money Bunny was a very entertaining story for me. I chuckled at the idea of the white bunny and with how Ms. Schultz described the scenes. I saw the story play out in my mind as if it was being acted out in front of me. Ms. Schultz has a very creative talent when it comes to choosing the topics she writes about. Each story she writes is unique and has its own fun and enjoyable characteristics about it. I assure you that you will enjoy this story, along with many others, that she has penned already. It's apparent that Ms. Schultz is an author who aims to please her readers each and every time.

Book Blurb for The Money Bunny

A bunny on a bus?

Jackson Hunter thought he had seen it all until one bad day forces him to take the bus. A nutcase in a bunny outfit and designer sunglasses hops on, gives out money in a card to every passenger, then hops off. Chasing the bunny down a sidewalk after it hops away is weirder. Finding out the beautiful blonde at a bar that has caught his eye is not only the runaway rabbit, but the lawyer suing him sends the fur flying and leads to some fancy footwork.

Attorney Abigail Crosby has it all. She also has zero patience for Hunter Industries, the company that plans to destroy the neighborhood she grew up in and leave families without affordable housing. How was she to know that the hunk on the bus could fill the void in her life that she never noticed before? Only after great conversation, shared meals, and mind-blowing sex she discovers that he is the defendant. With the court date fast approaching, emotions are running high. Can she pull a rabbit out of her hat, saving her career and what she has with Jack, or in the end will it boil down to the money bunny?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50