The Man In The Mirror

Connor Stevens just can’t stand the fact that Tori Fraser is so down on her looks all the time. Living 200 years under the curse of the sea witch, poor Connor must live his life now confined in a mirror indefinitely. In doing so, this is how Connor became acquainted with Tori. When she moved into her house, she picked up a mirror for her hallway. Little did she know that a ghost was forced to take residence in that very mirror.

You see, a long time ago Connor was a sea captain. He was conceited, greedy and a womanizer. During one of his romps seducing a woman, which so happened to be the sea witch’s daughter, her left her heartbroken. The sea witch was so angered that she condemned him to live his life in a mirror being only able to see and hear what was going on around him, but never having anyone see or hear him in return. Now, 200 years later, he has met Tori and is quite fond of her. But he knows that nothing will ever come about between them because she doesn’t even know he exists. Or does she?

Was it meant to be that Tori stumbled upon that mirror for her house? Is Tori ever given the opportunity to see and hear Connor? Is there a way that he can break the sea witch’s curse once and for all?

I found this storyline to be quite unique and very entertaining to read. I immediately fell in love with Tori and felt bad that she was always so hard on herself. When Connor struggled to be heard and seen by Tori, I was hoping against the odds that the curse could finally be broken. I thought that Connor and Tori complimented each other well considering that he was a changed man having so many years on his hands to realize his womanizing ways. Ms. Barrett was very creative in developing this storyline and she makes her readers fall in love with her characters right from the start. This is definitely one you should look into and after reading it, I know you’ll become a fan of Ms. Barrett’s if you aren’t one already. Keep up the great work, Ms. Barrett.

Book Blurb for The Man In The Mirror

Fantasy Faery Rosette
Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 42
Connor Stevens has lived for more than 200 years...from the other side of a mirror. He's watched Tori Fraser for months, and has grown more than passingly fond of the woman, but the curse the sea witch placed on him is powerful. But is it powerful enough to withstand Tori's love?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 5.00