The Ghost Within

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The Ghost Within

Length: Hot Flash

Kami Johnson was a real estate agent working for Samwell Real Estate and she had a buyer interested in looking into Bordeaux Manor which was a 19th century, burgundy brick home which seemed to be possessed by ghostly inhabitants. Because of these unwanted houseguests, this house had been very difficult to sell so far. Kami jumped at the opportunity to show Alex Sast the house once he asked to see it. She never thought though that once they entered into the house together that strange things were going to begin to happen to them and neither one had any control on it.

Alex was tall and handsome, muscular with tousled curly blond hair crystal blue eyes. Kami couldn't help but be attracted to him and it seemed that the ghosts were well aware of how Kami felt for Alex.

What did the ghosts do to both Kami and Alex? How did they feel about what these two star crossed ghost lovers had done to them? What was Alex's final decision on the house after what happened to him earlier? Did Alex have any idea previously that Bordeaux Manor was haunted?

I liked this story because the storyline was very original and the characters were very believable. It was a page turner for me and although it was a short read, I would have loved it even more so if the story was a full length one. Ms. Clark did a wonderful job with it and I will eagerly look for other stories of hers to read.

Book Blurb for The Ghost Within

Kami Johnson is a woman with an agenda. Get up. Get dressed and sell Samwell Real Estate's only haunted house. What she hadn't counted on was becoming possessed by the ghosts of departed lovers and carrying out their unfinished business with her extremely sexy client.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.00