The Fortuneteller's Lay

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The Fortuneteller's Lay

Miranda Merrill had a few secrets that no one knew about her. When she wore the silk scarf that covered her hair and the heavy makeup and gaudy jewelry she put on, no one knew who she was. No one would recognize Madame Rosa, the gypsy fortuneteller, as sexy Miranda Rose Merrill, the businesswoman.

She perfected her accent and wore clothes to fit the part of a fortuneteller gypsy, but no matter what disguises she wore, nothing was as real for her as reading the tarot cards. This was a talent that she inherited from her grandmother, along with her middle name also.

As she was working the last day of the last weekend of the renaissance festival, her life started changing before she could do anything about it. As she finished one reading for a female customer a gentleman walked into her tent interrupting her. He was tall with dark hair and he just emanated danger and sex appeal from every inch of his body. She was instantly attracted to this strange gentleman and she couldn't remember the last time someone caught her attention like he did. The female customer exited the tent and left Madame Rosa and this sexy guy all alone together.

Devon Cole had ducked into the fortuneteller's tent to avoid being seen by the man he was tailing. Never did he think he would find this beautiful woman waiting to tell him his fortune.

What did Madame Rosa have to tell Devon about his present and his future? What did Devon think about what she was telling him? Did she feel the same attraction and spark that he was feeling at that very moment? Did they ever exchange names and phone numbers to get together sometime?

I enjoyed this story by Ms. Dien because it oozed with sex appeal from the very beginning. She took me on an adventure that was hot, sexy and I found myself ultimately wanting more. I loved the characters she created and I especially loved the different sides she portrayed of Miranda. This is definitely an erotic tale that I know you won't walk away from disappointed. This story will have you wiggling in your seat!

Book Blurb for The Fortuneteller's Lay

Miranda knows it was fate that brought Devon into her fortunetelling tent, fulfilling her grandmother’s prophecy. But the sexy detective doesn’t believe in fate – he’s just looking for a hiding place while he figures out his next move. Can Miranda convince him that love is really in the cards?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00