The Family Legend

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The Family Legend

While Kelly’s father was out of town for a few days and the bed and breakfast that they owned together in rural Ireland was quiet, Kelly took the opportunity to pass her time at the local pub where she would work whenever the bed and breakfast was quiet. She was saving her money to someday go away on her own traveling adventure.
One night, a male tourist happened to stop in the pub for a drink. Kelly and Raul hit it off very well together and in finding out that he needed a place to stay for a few nights, she offered him a room in her family’s bed and breakfast. He accepted and they left to get him settled in for the night.
Once he unpacked his things, sparks began to fly between them and they made love together. All Kelly could wonder was if the family’s legend was coming true for her, too. You see, for generations her family believed that when they couldn’t find their marriage partner from all the available local town people, a stranger passing through their town would be the one they had been searching for all along. Generation after generation this legend seemed to be holding true for her family. Since Kelly broke off with her ex-boyfriend six months ago because her father had caught him cheating on her, she had been searching for her soul mate.
Could Raul, this American tourist, be the one true love that Kelly was searching for? How did they both feel about one another after spending more time with each other? Did Raul move on with his preset travel arrangements after spending a few days with Kelly?
I found this story to be a short, fun read. I loved the idea of the family legend that had been passed on from generation to generation. I was hoping that Raul was the tourist that Kelly’s destiny had chosen for her and if he was, this would help carry on the family legend for another generation. This was a sweet read penned by Ms. Rogers that I think any reader would enjoy.

Book Blurb for The Family Legend

Marriages only happen in one way in Kelly's family: Mr. or Mrs. Right wanders in to their out of the way Bed and Breakfast in rural Ireland, never to leave again. Three generations of matches have been made this way, but Kelly is tired of having her family play matchmaker with every eligible young man who comes to town. Then she meets Raul, who has been adventuring across Europe before settling down to go to grad school. Maybe Mr. Right has dropped into her life--but if he isn't ready to stay, is she willing to go?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.50