The Dance Lesson

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The Dance Lesson

While watching her daughter take her dance lesson, Doreen is approached by a handsome man who strikes up a conversation with her. He seems very observant and he is not only able to pick out Doreen’s daughter from within the class, but also surmises that Doreen must be a dancer because of her perfect posture. Nervously, she admits that she used to ballroom dance many years ago while in college.
Introducing himself as Andrew, he explains he’s a dance instructor there at the school. While they’re getting to know each other, he tries convincing Doreen to attend his ballroom dance class which is being offered the following week. She thinks he’s crazy to ask her to join since she hasn’t danced in years, but he keeps trying to persuade her to just try it out before making a final decision. She tells him she’ll think about it and she’ll get back to him.
She speaks with her daughter and tells her that she’s thinking about taking dance lessons again and Lauren seems genuinely happy for her mom. But what Doreen fears is she’ll make a complete fool of herself in front of Andrew and the class. Andrew has such poise, talent and charm and how can she compete with all these remarkable qualities?
Does Doreen finally decide to take the ballroom dance class or does she let her self-doubt and self- confidence hold her back? What does Andrew think of her final decision?
I found this short story to be quite entertaining and I couldn’t help but feel all the conflicting emotions Doreen was feeling at the time. I had hoped that she would get past her self-doubting stage and just take a chance. She really had nothing to lose in just trying. Besides, how could she turn down a sweet offer from a remarkably handsome and talented gentleman as Andrew was? Overall, I really enjoyed this story and I think you will also. 

Book Blurb for The Dance Lesson

Caught in the throes of middle age and balancing life's responsibilities, Doreen never imagines that a trip to her daughter's dance studio would be the start of an adventure. When she reluctantly joins Andrew's ballroom dance class, she realizes that ballroom dancing isn't all she has to learn. Can she trust her heart to follow her feet and make the right moves?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.50