The Daddy Issue

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The Daddy Issue

Daniel Nicholson, Businessman of the Year and Chicago Bachelor of the Year, is exactly where he wants to be in his life. He has everything going for him and he’s worked hard to achieve everything he has. Since his disastrous divorce though, he refuses to be tied down to anyone or even married to them. No one is going to get in his way of being as successful as he is.

But during his Businessman of the Year reception, his world seems to turn upside down in a matter of minutes. He runs into an acquaintance he met some years back in Chicago while he was dating Gretchen Parks. Charlotte fills him in on how Gretchen is doing and just how wonderful of a mother she is. He assumes, since it was five years ago that he dated Gretchen, that she must have met someone and moved on with her life. When Charlotte explains that Gretchen never married and that Amy is four years old, the news hits him like a ton of bricks. Calculating in his head, he realizes that this could very well be his daughter’s picture that he’s looking at. Seeing the resemblance of his mother’s eyes in Amy’s picture just about sucker punches him in the stomach. Could Amy be his daughter? But how could it be since they used protection that night?

Doing what he thinks is best, he finds out where Gretchen and Amy live and flies to Marydale, Ohio to find out once and for all if this child is truly his. If so, why hasn’t Gretchen contacted him to tell him the news? But the question really is what is he going to do when he finally confronts Gretchen and asks her if Amy is his daughter? Is he really prepared to hear the truth? Is he ready to accept his responsibility if Amy is his child? Could this be the connection back to having Gretchen in his life?

Ms. Beck penned a wonderful story within these pages. Her mastery of her characters’ emotions were penned with such intensity I felt as if I was one of the characters feeling everything that was going on firsthand. I hoped that Daniel was Amy’s father and that this would fill in the gaps he was severely suffering from in his lonely life. Yes, he could have any woman he wanted, but they ultimately were all just after his money and the notoriety that came with being associated to Daniel. It was time that he settled down, but this time it would be for all the right reasons. I’m new to Ms. Beck’s writing, but after reading this story, I’m definitely a fan now!

Book Blurb for The Daddy Issue

The last souvenir small-town girl Gretchen expected from her Chicago vacation was getting pregnant from one night of delight. The sexy, successful CEO she hooked up with told her he wasn't interested in a family, so she never revealed what had happened.

Five years later, Daniel is at the top of his game in both business and womanizing, but he's shaken off his pedestal when a friend hints that he might have a daughter. Daniel heads for the boondocks to uncover the hidden truth—and pick up where he and Gretchen left off. But his fast-paced lifestyle can't compete with Gretchen's idea of a hometown father and husband. When Daniel's career beckons him back to Chicago, he's faced with the decision of his life—go back to his wild bachelor ways or surrender to his sensual desires and stay and build a family.

280 Pages, Sensual

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 5.00