The Crystal Rose

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The Crystal Rose

This story was a fantastic read for me because it transported me into a world where the knights still fought for their king and they had a sense of honor among their people.
I fell in love with Breanne and my heart bled for her over the loss of her mother. She grew up helping her father run The Forest’s Edge Inn and both worked very hard at trying to make ends meet and keep their patrons happy.
I absolutely adored the two dragons in the story, Edana the mother dragon and Eth, her pup. I enjoyed how the author vividly described both dragons’ appearances and comically narrated all of the pup’s silly antics throughout the story. The scene-by-scene descriptions made me feel as if I was another character in the story witnessing it unfold before me. The Crystal Rose is listed under the Young Adult/Fantasy genre, but I assure you that as an adult I was fascinated how the story played out for me as I turned the pages. I feel this story will be considered a hit by readers of any age and I eagerly look forward to reading more stories written by this author.

Book Blurb for The Crystal Rose

A young man and woman rebuild new lives out of the ashes of death and loss, with the help of an old sorcerer, a beautiful, powerful dragon, and its ridiculous dragon pup. Together, they guard the secret of Dragon's Lair and discover the terrible injustice that brought them all together.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 4.50