The Cinderella Swap

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The Cinderella Swap

Ren Montgomery possesses a unique gift since birth that makes her different than the average teenager. Whenever she touches people, a flash of color reveals their soul. A person who flashes black means they’re evil to the core. Ren doesn’t know how or why she has this gift, but she has no choice than to live with it. The truly sad part is that no one even knows she has this ability and she’s afraid to tell her family and best friends because they may think she’s crazy. So she keeps it to herself and hopes that maybe one day she can reveal her secret and not be judged for it.

Living with her mom, who is a judge, and her stepfather, who is the county sheriff, makes it extremely hard to date anyone. It becomes increasingly difficult for her when she gets herself detention after school because she stuck up and protected Payton Long, an eighth grader, from Trey, one of the school’s bullies. Although doing a good deed, neither parent is happy that she has to serve her time in D-Hall.

She meets up with a boy named Dugan in school and he thanks her for going out of her way to protect his younger sister. She likes Dugan a lot and hopes that maybe he’ll ask her out. But to her disappointment, her parents aren’t comfortable with Ren only being a sophomore and dating any senior, but when they find out who she really likes, they inform her to stay away from him because he has a criminal past. What is she to do now?

Ren stops at nothing to uncover the full truth about Dugan’s criminal background and in the process, is faced with many challenges along the way. One of those issues is how do you tell someone you like that his boss flashes black and had an ulterior motive with Dugan’s younger sister Payton?

Does Ren find a way to tell Dugan about his boss’ intentions without revealing her special gift? Does she ever tell anyone close to her about the secret she’s been living with all her life? Is her ability something that everyone can accept or by telling them could it only make her life more complicated than it already is?

I really enjoyed this young adult story even though I’m an adult. Ms. Palmer knows how to tell an entertaining story while teaching young adults about having faith and believing in themselves even when everyone else may not understand you at that particular time. She wove mystery and intrigue throughout the story and had me flipping the pages as quickly as I could to find out what happened next. This is definitely one you should pick up for the young adults in your life. I think they’ll enjoy it as much as I did!

Book Blurb for The Cinderella Swap

Ren Montgomery has a secret gift: whenever she touches people, she sees a flash of color that reveals their soul. When Ren touches the boss/mentor/idol of her maybe boyfriend Dugan, the man flashes black, which means evil to the core. Ren has to figure out how to tell Dugan without revealing that she is different.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.50