The Chronicles Of Casey V

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The Chronicles Of Casey V

Casey V. just can’t believe her mother got her a job as camp counselor at Camp Gitchy-goo-moo in Michigan. She was planning on spending her summer at home in Indiana with her two best friends, Bertie and Steph, but now she’ll be away from her family and friends the entire summer. The only thing that makes her feel better about this though is at least she’ll be making money.

Fearful that she’s in too deep with this job since she has no prior camp counseling experience, Casey has a hard time relaxing and enjoying herself at first. She has been put in charge of seven girls between the ages of seven and eleven and they all seem to get along well. She has all the right intentions of being a great role model for her group of campers, but it just seems that fate has another agenda for her. Everywhere she turns, something stupid happens to her and she is mortified beyond belief in front of all the kids and fellow counselors. If that isn’t bad enough, this really cute guy named Zander always seems to be around just when Casey’s bad luck kicks in. How can she ever look him in the eye and not fear that he thinks she’s bad news? But as the weeks tick on by, Casey’s luck just doesn’t seem to get any better. Whatever could go wrong for this poor girl does go wrong for her.

Does her luck ever turn around for her while staying at the camp? Is Casey ever able to get past the embarrassment she feels while she’s around Zander? Is it possible that Zander likes Casey or does he just hang out with her because he feels bad for her?

I thought this book was the perfect story for young adults to read to see that everyone goes through embarrassing moments or even stages in their lives and your true friends are the ones always standing beside you through it all. Ms. Larsen is a talented author who knows how to be funny and entertaining while being true in her writing. She molded her characters to be everyday kids of different ages and she makes you feel, as you’re reading it, that you personally know all these individuals firsthand. I loved the voice she set in her writing and overall I just thoroughly enjoyed this story. I feel that this is a story that everyone can relate to one time or another in their own lives. Though it’s geared toward young adults, I had so much fun reading it for this review. I would definitely recommend it to young adults and adults alike. Well done, Ms. Larsen!

Book Blurb for The Chronicles Of Casey V

YA Climbing Rosebud
Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 164
On the bus, on her way to her first-ever summer job, Casey V is totally excited. And scared to death. First-time jobs are intimidating enough, but she'll be spending the whole summer out of state. Living in a cabin in the woods in charge of the safety and well-being of a bunch of homesick little girls. Yikes! Will this be the most awesome summer of her life or the biggest mistake in her entire sixteen years?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.50