The Christmas Curse

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The Christmas Curse

Molly Scott has had nothing but bad luck every Christmas since she was a child. For her eleventh Christmas as a stocking stuffer she received a training bra and a trial-sized box of Kotex. Thinking this was bad, she never was prepared for the Christmas curse to hang over her straight through her adult life, too. Poor Molly was traumatized when she found out that her fianc‚ was cheating on her with her best friend and he took the girl on vacation with what was supposed to be the honeymoon getaway.

Now, working for Advantek Inc. as a data entry person, things were looking up for her this year. She thought she was finally rid of the Christmas curse since she was two weeks away from Christmas and nothing bad had happened to her yet during this time of year. Until one morning when she headed into work and found that her whole department was let go. She knew she was doomed yet again with the bad luck that has been wrecking havoc since she was a child.

Knowing she had to pay her bills some how, she took a singing telegram job at Tippy's Telegrams dressed as Mrs. Claus. She didn't like doing the dressing up part of it, but it gave her a chance to sing-something she had dreamed of doing all of her life. She wanted to make it big one day, but it seemed like every audition she went to did not seem to work out for her. So she worked odd jobs until maybe one day someone would discover her.

On one of her assignments, she was sent to a party at none other than Advantek Inc. She pushed the button to the elevator and hit the floor that she needed. In the elevator she noticed two men were already in there. One was this really gorgeous looking guy and the other one was this really nervous one. The elevator started moving from floor to floor and bad luck kicked in again for her. The lights went off and the elevator grounded to a halt. Mister Gorgeous introduced himself as George and immediately took a small light that Molly had on her on her keychain so he could check out the elevator panel. With that, they both started hearing scrabbling noises behind them and she realized that the nervous man was on the floor trying to dig himself through the wall. He was desperately in panic mode and only was riding the elevator as a suggestion from his therapist. She squatted down next to him and began trying to calm him down. Emergency blue lights kicked on and she continued talking to the man who now introduced himself as Lancelot.

Finally, after some time and much chaos later the elevator kicked in again and the doors opened to be greeted with a group of people eagerly looking for them. George handed her his business card and told her to give him a call.

Did Molly ever give George a call? Who really was this George character? How about Lancelot? Did she ever run into these two men again after the incident?

This was an enjoyable Christmas story where I found myself feeling so bad for Molly throughout the entire story. She just had such bad luck that your heart just went out to her and I found myself wishing that good luck would find its way to her finally. I would definitely recommend this story to others to read.

Book Blurb for The Christmas Curse

For Molly Scott, everything bad in her life has happened during the Christmas season, from training bras in her stocking to being jilted by her fiancé. This year is no exception. Ten days before Christmas, she arrives at work to find her department closed down and everyone laid off. Desperate, she takes a job for a singing telegram service and, dressed as Mrs. Claus, meets the man of her dreams--who turns out to be a nightmare--in a broken-down elevator. The Christmas Curse is right on track.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.00