Thanks For Giving

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Thanks For Giving

Sarah Wells was extremely close to her family especially her young brother Tommy. She seemed never the same though since he was a member of The Army National Guard who was killed in action during Operation Iraqi Freedom three years ago. He was only twenty-two years old when he died and he was terribly missed not only by his family, but also the tight-knit community of Clarksville. Even though three years have passed, Sarah just couldn't seem to come to terms with the loss of her brother.

Coming back to Clarksville after being away for awhile, Sarah took a job at the town's lumberyard, Hollenbeck Lumber, to help out the owner while his son, Daniel, was deployed to Iraq. Unfortunately, there was quite a bit of tension and miscommunication occurring between the Hollenbeck men and because of this, Mr. Hollenbeck didn't even go to pick up his son from the airport who just happened to be on Thanksgiving leave. So Sarah went to pick Daniel up. Only problem was, they were ex-lovers and Daniel just so happened to be Tommy's commanding officer. The officer specifically who gave Tommy his assignment that got him killed.

Tension was high between Sarah and Daniel because they realized they both still had feelings for each other, but were too hesitant to act upon them. Now being home on leave, Daniel was hating it more and more because everything just seemed to be falling apart for him.

Did Sarah and Daniel ever get over the hurt feelings from their past and decide to take another chance of dating each other? With the final decision they made, was it the best decision they made individually? Was it the best decision for the both of them? Did Mr. Hollenbeck and Daniel ever mend their broken bridges?

I really enjoyed this heartwarming story. The characters all seemed to be dealing with their own demons and what they all didn't realize was this was the ideal time for them to lean on each other and not alienate each other. I found myself feeling bad for each character realizing that they were all missing out on one of the greatest gifts they could ever offer each other. That gift being forgiveness. This is a definite keeper in my library.

Book Blurb for Thanks For Giving

Forced to pick up her boss? estranged son from the airport, in on a two week leave for Thanksgiving, Sarah Wells must face Sgt. Daniel Hollenbeck, her ex-lover and man whose command her brother died under in the Middle East three years ago. Determined to reconcile father and son, Sarah's first attempt fails, leading to a heated embrace that resurrects old hurts. Why did Daniel choose war over her? Wasn't she important enough to keep him home?

Plagued by dreams of his dead friend, Daniel Hollenbeck comes home, hoping to reconcile with his father, never expecting to see Sarah again. It soon becomes clear that his feelings for her have never died. Neither has the pain of her abandonment. Why hadn't Sarah loved him enough to support him in his call to duty? Pressures mount, hearts open and heal in time for turkey with a generous helping of thanks and a side of giving.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.50