Tender Persuasion

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Tender Persuasion

 Ronda Miller does her aunt a huge favor by staying at her house to watch Tinker, her aunt’s cat, while Aunt Claire takes a European vacation with her senior citizen girlfriends. When Ronda returns to Casper, Wyoming she doesn’t realize that last thing that’s going to happen is that she’ll be spending some alone time for the weeks her aunt will be away. Nick Austin, Aunt Claire’s younger neighbor, sees to it that Ronda won’t be alone the entire time while her aunt is away. Instead, he has a few ideas that will keep the both of them quite busy during the long, cold nights.

How does Ronda feel about Nick and all the things he’s doing for her while staying at her aunt’s house? Are there sparks between these two and if so, would it be a smart idea to act upon them? Could meeting Nick be what she’s been missing out of her life for awhile?

I enjoyed this story a great deal and I loved getting to know Ronda and Nick more intimately as I turned the pages. I was hoping that something would spark between these two and I wondered if it could really work out if they tried their hand at dating each other. I’m new to Ms. Johannsen’s work, but I would definitely love to read more of her work in the near future. 

Book Blurb for Tender Persuasion

Pages: 164

When life hands you lemons--make lemonade.

When Ronda Miller agrees to pet sit for her Aunt Claire, she has no idea that her aunt's handsome neighbor, Nick Austin, will be at her disposal. Ronda has her own set of rules to live by and they don't include a handsome fireman with a ready smile and an antique truck.

But Nick is persistent. He's always around to help--when he isn't rushing into burning buildings and rescuing people. Is it too late for Ronda to change her life? Can she get beyond the self-imposed rules she has set for herself and fall under Nick's Tender Persuasion?


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.00