Taking Advantage

Zack Thompson, a senior at Sheffield High, has had a massive crush on his fellow classmate, Gloria Garner, since they met and became friends during their freshman year. He wants to tell Gloria how he feels about her, but is too chicken to say anything to her whenever they’re together. Besides, she only dates the best looking and the most athletic guys in her classes. Zack is low on self-esteem and he feels he’s just average looking. Not to mention he didn’t even make any sports teams that he tried out for. He figures there’s nothing that he has that would make Gloria attracted to him.

So for the last four years that they know each other, they’ve been like best friends. Zack knows that Gloria only sees him as a brother figure and he’s learns to accept that. If this is the only way he can be close to her, then so be it. But after having a talk with his sister, Molly, she tells him that he needs to overcome his fear and just ask Gloria out already.

The question is can Zack muster up enough courage to ask Gloria on a date? Would she even consider going out with him since he isn’t the type of guy she usually dates?

This was a short, fun read that I really enjoyed. I was so happy that Zack and Gloria were best friends, but I had hoped that Gloria had some kind of feelings for Zack too. I thought they would be perfect for each other, but I worried that not only did her mom have to make the decision if Gloria could date Zack, but did Gloria even have those kinds of feelings to begin with to even ask her mom’s permission to have a date with him? This story brought back fond memories for me of my high school years and how everything then seemed so complicated. I can laugh now realizing life back then was so much simpler. This is definitely one you should add to your reading list!

Book Blurb for Taking Advantage

Recent Historical Vintage Rosette
Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 34
Zack Thompson has been crazy about Gloria Garner ever since she came to Sheffield High in their freshman year. She's been elected basketball queen four years running and only dates the three top athletes. How can Zack compete for Gloria's hand when he's no good at sports and lacking in the looks department? And as if that weren't enough, Gloria has a super strict mother who has to approve her daughter's every date. Does Zack's excellence in academics and his gentlemanly conduct count for anything?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.00