Taken With the Enemy

Sergeant Brenna Mathews was a Combat Medic in the US National Guard serving in the Iraq war. While serving her country she never could prepare herself enough for what happened to her.

While out on a mission with her troop they came under pretty intense gunfire. Soldiers were being injured all around and she was trying to assist in their aid as best she could. While assisting one injured soldier, out of nowhere a shadow passed over her. Before she could even react, she was lifted off the ground and a palm of a hand covered her mouth. She was ordered not to scream nor say a word. She saw an insurgent aim his rifle right at her. He fired his gun and she cringed expecting to feel the pain any second. When she realized that nothing happened to her, she opened her eyes and he was gone.

Three days passed after that, but the nightmare still plagued her thoughts. Sitting in the chow hall she replayed in her mind what she had heard during the ordeal and knew that the person sounded like an American. He spoke perfect English. How could that be though she thought to herself? What bothered her even more was her dog tags were missing now. She remembered feeling a slight pinch around her neck when her hair was yanked in the scuffle. Still traumatized by it all she decided to head to her bunk to sleep the feeling off. Heading out of the chow hall something didn't quite feel right around her. She looked around, but saw nothing out of order. She did notice that the area was quiet though. A Humvee came up on her and she moved out of the way to let it pass. It slowed down and a couple of soldiers got out and went behind her. Before she could think what to do next a cloth was sealed tight over her nose and mouth. A few moments passed as she tried to struggle and then everything went dark on her.

Who captured Brenna and why? Where did they take her and for how long? Was she tortured during her stay or were they uncharacteristically kind to her even though she was being held prisoner? Was it the same people she first had an encounter with that spoke English?

I am a fan of Tia Fanning and her work. She pens wonderfully entertaining stories that don't disappoint her readers. This story was extremely engrossing and had me wondering the entire time what was going to happen to Brenna. This story was a very intense military story, but Ms. Fanning found the perfect opportunities to sprinkle some love scenes throughout. I will definitely add this one to my library. I assure you that you won't be disappointed with this story.

Book Blurb for Taken With the Enemy

Mathews, Brenna Marie


Combat Medic

U.S. National Guard

My captor tells me that I'm not a prisoner of war, but how else can I see myself? I was abducted and brought to an unknown location in the middle of the desert. I'm sequestered behind a locked door and bars cover my windows. I even have an armed guard who takes me for walks.

But he, the nameless captor responsible for my care, claims otherwise. He tells me that he's not my enemy, that if he was, I'd already be dead. He promises to release me when the time is right. He says I'm safer now-with him-than I was before.

Despite his reassurances, I do not feel safe. Though he has treated me kindly, given me every comfort a prisoner could ever want or need, I have to find a way to leave-and soon. I don't understand how it's possible, but my captor knows me. He knows my past, he knows my secrets, knows just what to say to move me. and what to say to break me.

I have been taken by the enemy. and I must find a way to escape before I'm taken with him.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00