Take Me If You Dare

Blaze #523

Mariska Stonegate, a Private Investigator, is working on a case in Thailand looking for a man. While there, she needs assistance and accepts help from a local detective. Mr. Thomas isn’t completely honest with Mariska in telling her who he really is. All she can think though is that she just can’t believe she’s met someone as hot and sexy as he is.

Mr. Jackson Thomas isn’t just an investigator. He’s a burned CIA agent and he’s trying to keep himself alive. But in meeting Mariska things seem to be getting more complicated by the minute. While doing his own investigation, he uncovers a human-trafficking ring. Now it seems his own side is after him trying to kill him. Jackson knows that acting upon the sexual attraction that he and Mariska have for each other will only put her in harm’s way.

Do they still act upon their attraction for one another even though their lives are in danger? Does everything work out in the end for the both of them?

This was an enjoyable read and I thought both Mariska and Jackson were sexy, compelling characters. The sexual chemistry between these two had caused steam to rise off my pages. I did find the plot dragging a bit at times, but Jackson and Mariska made up for that for me. I’m new to Ms. Havens writing and I’m looking forward to reading more from her in the near future.


Book Blurb for Take Me If You Dare

For Mariska Stonegate, the gorgeous guy she's now met is everything she's looking for in a man—hot, hot and…oh, right. Hot. And just because every pore of his body screams danger and sex doesn't mean she's getting herself into too much trouble….

But Mr. Thomas isn't who he says he is. In fact, his real name is Jackson—no last names, please—and he's a burned CIA agent on the run. And he'll do just about anything to stay alive…including seducing Mariska one hot, steamy night at a time!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 3.00