Strip Poker for Two

Melissa Foster and her friends Nancy and Gina all came up with an idea for a hot, sexy contest to chase their cold, wintry blues away. What each one of them had to do in the contest was to seduce a man, steal a pair of his boxers and have him write a love note. Their boss, Janet Simms, who was the owner of Excellent Travel Choice, would give the winner an expense paid trip to Hawaii. Thinking this was a fun idea, all the women joined in on the fun.
They all had say in what guy they were going to match their friends up with for this contest. Gina’s cousin, Jason Molina was someone Melissa went to school with many years ago. He had a massive crush on her back then and Gina felt who else better than to pair these two up together. Once Nancy and Gina were set up, the fun began. Unfortunately, the three women didn’t count on how the situation would turnout for all of them.
What happened to each one of the women with their guys? Did Melissa like being paired up with Army Captain Jason Molina? What was his take on the whole situation? Did all three guys find out about the contest? Was the contest even worth playing in the end?
I absolutely adored this story penned by Ms. Ash. I loved her fun and sexy characters and her creative strip-poker storyline. I so desperately wanted Melissa to find the happiness she was looking for after being hurt by her ex-boyfriend two years prior. Ms. Ash did a wonderful job entertaining me with this story and I eagerly look forward to reading other stories written by her. I would definitely recommend this story to others.

Book Blurb for Strip Poker for Two

The contest—seduce a man, steal a pair of his boxers, and have him write a love note. Best entry wins a vacation to Hawaii. Now recovered from a bad relationship, Melissa is eager to win. She’s looking for fun without any ties. As an ex-military brat, she wants no part of military life.

Childhood friend and career Army Captain, Jason moves nearby and is chosen by the other contestants as Melissa’s target. He had a crush on her as a teenager. He’s looking for fun and no commitments, after an ex-fiancée betrayed his trust.

Mutual desire draws them together quickly. Melissa suggests strip poker to spice up their encounters. Looking, touching and tasting—they never finish her games before lust prevails.

Contest? Military life? Trust? Each admits to loving the other but can they resolve the differences threatening to separate them and save their relationship once he finds out about the contest?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.50