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Blaze #508

Alyssa Chambers, a lawyer working at Prescott and Bayne, is desperately hoping to land a well-known client, Russell Starr and the infamous Starr Industries, so she can make junior partner at the firm right after the holidays. She would do just about anything to guarantee her junior partner position or else she knows she’ll be looking for a new firm to work at if things don’t go well for her. It helps that she attended the same school as Russell and even worked at the Love without Boundaries gala and auction he held some time back. She can only hope that this will pave the way for her to convince Russell that he and his Starr Hotel and Resorts need her to represent him in all his future endeavors.

But Alyssa hits a road block when she finds out that Russell is at his new resort in Santa Fe and will be there through the holidays because of the grand opening. She calls trying to book a room and unfortunately everything is booked solid for the grand opening and holiday celebrations the Starr Hotel and Resorts are known for. She quickly sees the possibility making junior partner isn’t in her future unless somehow she can find a way into the Santa Fe resort to speak to Russell in person.

Then in comes her sexy neighbor from across the hall and best friend of two years, Christopher Hyde, who is a freelance writer and just so happens to be covering the opening celebration of the Santa Fe Starr Resort. Can Alyssa convince Chris to take her along with him so she can try to get Russell Starr Industries behind her and in turn secure that junior partnership she so desperately wants? Does Alyssa’s luck in love change for the better in the process? Does she make junior partner or does Roland, another lawyer at the firm desiring the same position, get it?

I loved this story. From the storyline to the characters, I found this story thoroughly enjoyable and very believable. I was rooting for Alyssa the entire time and I not only wanted her to make junior partner, but also I had hoped that she would strike gold with her love life. I was divided the entire time with who I thought she should be with. Both Russell and Chris had plenty of wonderful traits that I thought made them good candidates for her. I wasn’t certain which man Ms. Kenner was going to chose for Alyssa, but when I did find out I was more than thrilled with her selection. This was a fantastic story that I would highly recommend to other readers in a heartbeat and I look forward to reading more from this fabulous author in the future. Definitely check this one out!

Book Blurb for Starstruck

Recipe for a super sizzling Christmas:

Mix together the following:

—one woman determined to heat up the holidays with a hunky new date

—a sexy suave millionaire

—an even sexier old friend, just to spice things up Garnish with a sultry kiss under the mistletoe and watch all sexy hell break loose!

Alyssa Chambers has visions of sweet temptation dancing in her head. Should she choose the hot playboy who can give her everything she's ever wanted? Or indulge in some holiday cheer with her good friend Christopher Hyde, a man who's turning out to be everything she's ever wanted?

Once she shares some amazing holiday, ah, spirit with Chris, the choice becomes even harder. How can she risk their longtime friendship—even for the best sex of her life?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 5.00