Spirit of the Wolf

Alexi Morgan, a talented artist, was busy painting away at her new piece of artwork, a wolf running through the snow. It had been some time since Alexi started painting again. She had to thank her Cherokee friend, Jake Standing Deer Richards, for him convincing her to not let her talent go to waste.

When she finally did start painting again sometime back, Jake made her a pendant to celebrate her first sale after all that time had passed. The pendant was a stunning Lapis nugget surrounded by a silver wolf. When she inquired why he had chosen the wolf he explained to her that he had chosen it because he was her totem animal and her teacher. She admitted that she did have dreams of a wolf and he was always running. She didn't know what that had meant to her, but she was determined to paint the beautiful image that had appeared numerous times in her dreams.

What happened when Alexi finished painting the wolf running in the snow? What other information did Jake tell Alexi about her teacher, the wolf? Who was the wolf to Jake? Did the wolf have any significant meaning to Jake? Why?

I really enjoyed this short story by Ms. Acone. I absolutely loved the idea of the story being wrapped around a beautiful looking wolf. I am an avid lover of wolves myself, among many other animals, and there was just something magical that I felt while reading this story. I would recommend this story for others to read and I would definitely look into other stories by Ms. Acone.

Book Blurb for Spirit of the Wolf

A wolf is being drawn by voices on the wind to a place he's never been or seen, miles from his home.  At the same time, wildlife artist Alexi Morgan is working on a painting of a wolf running through the snow, seemingly drawing on snippets from her dreams. The further along in her painting she gets, the closer the wolf gets to Alexi.  By the time she's finished, the painting has taken on a life of it's own. Can this really be a time when art really imitates life?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00