Spirit Lake

Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, Ghostly encounters

Erica Parkhurst is going through some troubled times in her life. All in one week she loses her husband to another woman and her lucrative job as an editor for a leading consumer magazine. Only thirty-four years old, she was just beginning to gain confidence in her future.
Not wanting to stick around, she decides to buy a bus ticket and head to Chicago. She just wants to get away and have some breathing room to think things out and see what her next plan of action should be. But while traveling on the bus, her bad luck seems to still be hanging over her. The bus breaks down in Du Bois, PA and the bus driver tells them they will all be spending the night in town until the bus is fixed. Not wanting to sit idle, Erica rents a car and heads out on her own. Beginning the trek to Chicago by herself, she doesn’t make it far onto the interstate when she realizes how famished she is. She sees a sign saying that Spirit Lake is 5 miles away and decides that will be a good place to stop and grab something to eat. When she arrives there, she sees this beautiful inn located next to Spirit Lake. She decides this is where she will settle in until she can think of a better plan of action.
Since it’s off season and the inn is closed for renovations, the inn keeper graciously offers Erica a room anyway. Erica accepts the inn keeper’s hospitality and settles in for a short stay. While staying there though, she begins to encounter strange things happening to her that make her question her sanity. 
Could she be losing her mind or is she really witnessing all these strange occurrences even though no one else seems to be experiencing the same things? How long does she stay in Spirit Lake? What happens when her husband shows up in Spirit Lake after trying to hunt her down for days?
I found this to be a wonderful mystery wrapped around quite a bit of deceit and betrayal of many of the characters throughout the story. I was thoroughly entertained from the first page and I found myself transported into the story as if I were another character watching everything unfold before me. Ms. Guy penned quite an intriguing storyline and I’m thrilled to find out this will be the first in a series of other stories wrapped around Spirit Lake. I’m extremely anxious to read the sequel, Echoes of the Past. I would highly recommend this story to other readers and it’s definitely a keeper in my library. 

Book Blurb for Spirit Lake

This book was previously published with eXtasy Books, but has been reedited and adapted to suit Devine Destinies guidelines. 

Nestled near the base of Pennsylvania's Allegheny National Forest is the small town of Spirit Lake. Rich in folklore, it has become a tourist attraction due to its quaint atmosphere and unique antique shops. When Erica Parkhurst flees New York City in the wake of a marital split and accidentally discovers the little hamlet she is intrigued by the ghost stories surrounding the local inn and the mist-shrouded lake nearby. Then one night she encounters a mysterious man on the dock but before she can find out his name he disappears into the fog. Did she imagine him? During a trip into town the next day she see's the man again and follows him into a dead end alley, where he vanishes once more!

Hot on the trail of his soon-to-be ex wife, Grant Parkhurst shows up unexpectedly at the inn but Erica flees out the back door into the surrounding woods to avoid a confrontation. Lost and frightened, she is met by a rescuer of the canine variety who leads her to a secluded cabin where she finally meets her elusive stranger, Joe Lakota, and his trusty wolf/dog, Mingo.

Soon Erica finds herself involved in a murder case when a skeleton washes up at the edge of the lake and Joe becomes the prime suspect.  Can she risk falling in love with a man who may be a murderer? And what other secrets are hidden beneath the glassy surface of Spirit Lake?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 5.00