Soul Savers

Raechel Martin was a social worker for the city of Chicago. Her department was underfunded and understaffed and because of this she did long hours at work. Since she was so dedicated to her work, she didn't have much of a social life. She had dreams of maybe one day opening a home for troubled or pregnant teens and make it a safe place for them to live, but without the money she needed, this dream would never happen for her.

On her way home from work one night, as she entered her apartment, she noticed an official looking envelope from the office of Attorney James Wharton. The letter requested her presence for the reading of a will for Mr. Jonathan Sheffield, at Sheffield Manor, located on Lake Michigan. Oddly enough, she didn't know anyone by that name. She called the law office and explained that there must be some mistake. She was informed that it wasn't a mistake at all and indeed she was expected at the reading of the will. More bewildered by the minute, she accepted, but still had no idea who this man was.

Alexander Forrest, an assistant district attorney in Detroit, Michigan was having his own difficult time of things. Money was tight and he too didn't have much of a social life because of his hours at work. He had dreams of one day opening up his own law office and a youth center to help the kids stay off the streets. Without making ends meet, this would never happen for him. Arriving home from work one night, he flipped through the mail and noticed a letter from a fellow attorney. Reading the letter he was stumped as to who Jonathan Sheffield was and why he was requested to attend the reading of the will. Calling Mr. Wharton up, he was informed that the letter was valid and he was expected to attend. Reluctantly, he accepted.

Once Rae and Alex arrived at Sheffield Manor, things went from odd to extremely strange. They were both inquisitive as to why they were both there and soon they were going to find out what their futures held for them at Sheffield Manor.

Why were Rae and Alex called to be present at the reading of Jonathan's will when neither one of them knew Mr. Sheffield? What were the details of the will? What was requested by Mr. Sheffield for both Rae and Alex to do? Who else was mentioned in the will? How were all these people affected along the way?

I enjoyed this paranormal story by Ms. McGillivray because she successfully entwined the paranormal side of the story to a mysterious side. She had you wondering what was going on with poor Rae and Alex and at the same time lured you into turning the pages to find out more of what was happening to everyone. She had me guessing right up to the end how all these puzzle pieces were going to fit together. This was a fun read for me because I felt as if I was another character in the story. If you want a paranormal story with mysterious happenings sprinkled throughout, this is definitely a story you don't want to pass up.

Book Blurb for Soul Savers

Imagine inheriting millions of dollars from a stranger. Then imagine a condition that requires you to help a ghost find a way to leave earth and go on to eternity. A ghost that has been hanging around for fifty years trying to right a wrong, and a father that spent his life attempting to send his son’s soul to peace. Imagine that your benefactor is not a stranger, but a crucial part of your life. Finally, imagine an irrepressible attraction to the person you have to live and work with complicating your quest. These are the challenges Raechel Martin and Alexander Forrest face in SOUL SAVERS.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.50