Something Blue

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Something Blue

Word Count - 10,450

Cassie Grace owned her own bridal gown design company in San Francisco. Preparing for one of her client's weddings, she happened to meet this really handsome guy that was the best man of the wedding party. His name was Jason Land and he was tall, had dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes. He was an architect from Seattle and in one glance, Cassie knew she wanted to get to know him - in more ways than one. Lucky for her the attraction was mutual.

Cassie was going insane trying to do all these crazy last minute alterations to Amy, the maid-of-honor's dress and she was frantic now because she couldn't find the maid-of-honor. She missed her fitting appointment the morning of the wedding and she wasn't answering her room phone. Dialing the bride, Cassie finds out that Amy may be in Jason's room. She finds out the room number and quickly brings the dress to that room hoping Amy is there. Knocking numerous times, no one answers. Concocting some lame excuse that she locked her key in the room she convinces the maid to let her in. The maid felt bad and let her in. She walks in to be greeted with Jason lying naked face down on the floor asleep and Amy sprawled out on Jason's bed snoring. Her hopes are dashed about seeing Jason with another woman, but she is here for business and that is her priority right now. Hearing Cassie call Amy's name, Jason jumped to his feet startled that Cassie was in the room with them. Once he found out she was the designer he lightened up a bit. Cassie explained she had to get this fitting done now because the new alterations were going to take hours. Jokingly she told Jason the dress was sized for a C-cup and the maid of honor was nice enough last minute to get a boob job with the result of double D's. While they allowed Amy to sleep a bit more, Cassie found out that Amy and Jason were just friends now and nothing more. She was becoming very hopeful again.

After promising to get Amy to Cassie's room after Amy finished her shower, Jason held true to his promise. As soon as Amy headed into Cassie's room, Cassie immediately helped Amy into the dark blue dress to do the last minute tucking and pinning after she had already made alterations on the dress while waiting for them to arrive. Amy got dressed back into her clothes again and left Jason behind. Jason watched as Cassie bent down to check the hem of Amy's dress. As he watched her skirt ride up her leg, he was very turned on by the sight. She straightened and turned toward him. Their eyes locked and he leaned in to kiss her. Liking how his kiss felt she is torn knowing there is only two hours left to the wedding. She pulls away and as he gets ready to leave he tells her that he'll see her at the reception and to save a dance for him. She agrees that she will.

At the reception, Jason scanned the room for Cassie. When his eyes lock on her, he couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. He made his way over to where she was and asked her to dance. After dancing together, they decided to take a romantic walk along the terrace even though it was cold outside.

Is it a wise choice that either one of them get involved since living so far apart from each other? Is there more than just sexual tension flowing through the both of them? Are they serious enough about each other to try and make this work even though they both have devoted all their time to their successful businesses?

I enjoyed how the author was creative with the characters and tried pairing Cassie and Jason up. It was definitely a pleasant read that I would recommend to other readers.

Book Blurb for Something Blue

For designer Cassie Grace beautiful bridal gowns are her livelihood and her Something Blue lingerie adds just a touch of spice to the wedding night. Usually she's not the one experiencing a night of passion, but the groom's best man is the perfect fantasy man.

Jason Land is in town for one short weekend to celebrate his best friend's wedding, but a sexy designer makes for an amazing, unforgettable night.

Falling in love was the last thing either of them expected.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 4.00