Someone to Trust

Megan McCormick was faced with some hard decisions once she found out the truth about Trevor, the man she had loved and been in a serious relationship with for over a year. But once the truth was revealed, Megan knew in her heart it was time to leave her life in Atlanta and search for the peace she so desperately needed in her life. Packing up her belongings, she started on a trek to a new life.

She bought a cabin in the small mountain town of Laurel Crest and more determined now than ever before, she set out to find true happiness in her life. Cindy, who has been her best friend since high school, and Alan, her husband, also live in Laurel Crest. This makes Megan’s transition an even smoother one knowing she has a few friends to keep her company.

As Megan settles into her new life, she vows that she won’t get involved with a man because of all her mixed emotions she feels from the abandonment issues her father had caused her and her mother many years ago and also because of what had happened with Trevor and their relationship. She continually questions God and asks for his assistance in finding the path she needs to walk down.

Never did she imagine that while living in this new town and making a fresh start, would bring so many good things to her life. One of these good things is that she meets Lee Grainger, a veterinarian who is working with Alan temporarily to see if Laurel Crest is a place he wants to also settle down in. In meeting Megan, they become good friends over time.

Could Lee be the one to help Megan finally find the inner peace she is searching for? Does Megan learn to trust Lee or does she let her past control her feelings now? Does she decide that Lee is the right person to be that special someone in her life?

I found this to be an enjoyable read for me. My heart went out to Megan for all the distrust issues she was trying to work through over the years. I had hoped that with her faith and belief in God that she would finally see the path she was meant to walk down. I was thrilled that she met a man who was as kind, considerate and compassionate as Lee was, not to mention extremely handsome, and I had hoped their friendship would help Megan to grow and realize that not everyone would betray her. I liked how Megan did a lot of growing and with it stumbled a time or two along the way. Ms. Henderson created characters that were human and flawed and in doing so, allowed her readers to be able to relate to them easily. I enjoyed this story so much that I’d be interested in reading more from the author in the near future.

Book Blurb for Someone to Trust

Megan McCormick certainly hadn’t left Atlanta for the small mountain town of Laurel Crest looking for love. Far from it. She was running from her past and a broken heart when she was knocked over by the incredibly handsome veterinarian, Lee Grainger.

Tired of the fast-paced life of the city, Lee is considering a permanent move to the mountains. His run-in with Megan has him believing he's there for more than a partnership in an animal hospital.

After a case of mistaken identity is cleared up, Megan and Lee strike up a friendship. Lee is everything Megan ever wanted--smart, loyal and dedicated to his faith. But Megan has experienced deep betrayal twice. Can she come to terms with the secret that haunts her, get past her distrust of men and accept the love Lee offers?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.00