Snowflake Secrets

In this anthology, each author wrote the story of one of the four Sullivan sisters - Allegra, Sonata, Melody and Carole. These girls were never in need of anything because their parents provided for them the best way they could. They all grew up close to one another and as they got older, went their separate ways to fulfill their dreams.

The basis of all the stories revolves around the Christmas of 1958 when their Great-aunt Maude presented each one of the girls with a unique crocheted snowflake ornament that she had made as their Christmas presents. It is these very snowflake ornaments that have stayed with each one of the sisters and has guided their way in the most troubling of times. They all even believe that she crocheted some magic into each one with her loving hands.
As a whole, I found this anthology to be a good read. It was nice to see the closeness of the four sisters and to hear their versions of their stories of each one of the women’s lives. I loved the fact that Great-aunt Maude crocheted each one a beautiful snowflake as a Christmas gift many years ago and they all still had theirs to this very day. I enjoyed reading how they found it to be a good luck charm and it seemed to help them through difficult times in each of their lives. Though it was nice reading each sister’s story, at times the stories did move a bit slower than I had hoped for. In having this happen, it took a bit of the magic away for me.
Overall, this anthology embraced what each and every person should hold dear to their heart – the love of their families and the strength each one of their family members offer the family structure as a whole. I adored the idea of handmade “magical” snowflake ornaments and it even made me contemplate starting my own family tradition.

Book Blurb for Snowflake Secrets

Can a simple crocheted snowflake contain magic? The Sullivan sisters think so. On Christmas Eve, 1958, Great Aunt Maude gives a unique snowflake ornament to each of them: Allegra—thirteen, Sonata—twelve, Melody—nine, and Carole—eight. Years later, they learn she might have crocheted a little something extra—a bit of magic and wisdom—into their gifts. In Snowflake Secrets, each sister, now grown, uncovers the magic of her unique ornament. As they confide their revelations to each other and their dying mother, they discover the secret they all share. Every narrative is unique and told in a different voice by four authors: Allegra by Lorna Collins; Sonata by Christie Shary; Melody by Luanna Rugh and Carole by Sherry Derr-Wille. Yet all their stories are woven together into the tapestry of Snowflake Secrets, an inspirational tale of family, love and finding that special joy that makes life worth living.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.25