Sensual Spell

Noelle Bridges was one of the many witches in the Bridges Family and trouble always seemed to find her. Unfortunately, she just didn't have very good luck with her spells and things in general. Her cousin, Ella, decided to play a devious trick on Noelle to lighten her mood up a bit. Ella felt that Noelle was just too serious all the time. When Noelle was sleeping one night her cousin transported her body into a stranger's room to make it appear that she had slept with this sixty-eight year old man named, Ed. If that wasn't bad enough, when Noelle woke up, not only did she not remember how she got there, but also Ed was now dead. Now she was scared senseless. Ed's nephew, Jacob Sanders, went to go check on his uncle and not only did he find his uncle dead, but also found Noelle naked hiding behind a bed sheet. He demanded to know who she was and why she was there- although, by the looks of things, he knew fully well why she was in his uncle's room.

Noelle tried to desperately fit the puzzle pieces together, but she just couldn't remember much from the previous night. She tried explaining herself to Jacob, but he didn't believe a word she said. He called the cops and explained to them that his uncle was found dead and that he found the young woman, who seemed to have been the culprit of this misfortune, in his uncle's room. Noelle didn't know what to do now. Frantically scrambling for details, she started explaining as much as should could remember to Jacob, but in the process they both notice a deep attraction they had for each other. She further put herself in hot water by explaining to him that she was a full fledge witch and she was going to raise Ed back from the dead. Jacob had heard enough now from this crazy lady- although this crazy lady was quite beautiful- none the less, he considered her to be completely insane. She began to show him a thing or two of magic and he started believing her a bit.

Does Noelle ever convince Jacob that she had nothing to do with his uncle's death? Was she ever able to raise Ed from the dead? What happened when Noelle found out that Ella was the one behind this backfired prank? Does Ella get punished by her Elders and if so, what do they decide was her punishment? What ever happened to the spark between Noelle and Jacob?

I enjoyed this entertaining story by Ms. Carrington because she mixed so many emotions together throughout the story line. She portrayed the seriousness of Uncle Ed's death, but then conveyed humor into Noelle trying to raise him from the dead. Then the Elder witches have to be summoned to help and the comedic antics between the three Elders were hysterical. If you are looking for a humorous, paranormal light read this story will definitely hit the spot.

Book Blurb for Sensual Spell

A naked witch in a man's bed isn't necessarily a bad thing...unless the man happens to be a sixty-eight-year-old dead man. That's Noelle's dilemma. Well, part of it. The second half comes in the form of Jacob Sanders, the dead man's very much alive, extremely sexy nephew. And he wants answers.

Jacob doesn't believe a word Noelle says, especially the part about being a true life witch...until she threatens to reduce the size of his, well, masculinity. But trust comes at a high price when Noelle's explanation is further questioned by the disappearance of his uncle's dead body.

A Bewitched erotic comedy with three hung over witches, a missing dead body, sexy witches, one hunky many and steamy romance all add up to paranormal trouble.

This book has been released previously. It has been extensively revised, expanded and re-edited for release with Total-e-bound

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00