Secret Santa 4 U

Sophie Mulligan was driving home to her apartment in a heavy snow storm. She loved living in Bedford, North Carolina, but weather like this always made the holiday season less than happy for her. One other thing that was even less desirable for her was her romantic life. She never set out to be the loneliest person in all of North Carolina. She tried reassuring herself that there had to be others out there in the same love lost predicament. Or at least she hoped.

Pulling into the apartment complex she noticed the parking lot was nearly vacant. This time of year this wasn't all too strange because Bedford was a college town and majority of people there had a permanent residence somewhere else. She pulled into a spot and grabbed the two copy paper boxes that were filled with Christmas ornaments and headed through the snow to her apartment. Her upstairs young neighbor, Brody Jacobs, saw her and helped her inside with the boxes. This wasn't anything out of the norm for him to do for her. He was over other times before especially when he was building the computer she had sitting on her desk in the front room. After talking for a few minutes together and finding out that he had no other plans for the evening, she invited him to help decorate her tree with her. He eagerly accepted her invitation. Funny thing was she noticed that he wasn't wearing his thick rimmed glasses anymore and it made him seem very appealing to her. They hung out for a few hours and discussed how she was finding the dating service she recently joined. She really didn't want to talk about it with him because she really hadn't met anymore who she would consider meeting up with and starting a relationship with.

Brody tried getting her to talk more about her screen name and profile that she submitted to the online dating service, but she didn't really want to talk about it. They had a little disagreement over the difference of their ages and it seemed like Brody took it to heart. Sophie was in her thirties and Brody was just turning twenty-five. Brody had a strong attraction to Sophie, but she hadn't realized it at first. Now having him in front of her made her wonder what it really would be like.

Did Sophie and Brody hook up after their numerous debates of the difference of their ages? If so, what finally made Sophie give in?

I thought the storyline was great and it was a very entertaining read. I enjoyed getting to know Sophie and Brody and throughout the story I kept hoping the two would finally pair up. I think you'll like this story as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Secret Santa 4 U

Christmas was always the loneliest holiday for Sophie Mulligan. But at least this year, her sex life was fabulous! Too bad it was only online. Then, on Christmas Eve, a sudden snowstorm sends her Secret Santa to her doorstep and Sophie finds herself on his naughty list.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.00