Seasons Of Fantasy: Summer Sprite

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Seasons Of Fantasy: Summer Sprite

Kira Flutter, a love fairy, has paired plenty of couples up for centuries now. She’s so busy spreading the love around that she never has enough left for herself. She’s okay with that though. She feels that love isn’t for her and she prefers to be a free spirit.

One day, Brighton Reed, a uniformed gentleman shows up at her lonesome cottage asking for her assistance in pairing him up with someone he has a crush on. When she sees the woman he has a crush on, she immediately knows that’s not the woman he’s supposed to fall in love with. It seems Brighton has his heart set on this woman so Kira tells him to follow his heart anyway even though deep down she knows the outcome of the situation already. When Brighton gets the opportunity to talk to the one he wants to make his girlfriend, things turn out exactly how Kira expected then would turn out.

Feeling bad for Brighton she decides to read his palm for him to see who he’s destined to be with. When she reads it, she’s surprised at the woman who is destined to be with him forever.

Who is Brighton destined to be with the rest of his life? Is he okay with destiny’s decision that was made for him?

I found this short read to be a fun and entertaining one. I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of the love fairy and I hoped that Kira was able to make a successful pairing for Brighton. I felt bad for her that although she said she enjoyed having her freedom, deep down she was lonely. Since this is short in length, it can fit into your busy schedule and provide you with a few minutes of entertainment and escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Great job, Ms. Dionne!

Book Blurb for Seasons Of Fantasy: Summer Sprite

As a love fairy, Kira Flutter has been pairing couples up for centuries. She meets her match when a dashing young sailor arrives at her doorstep asking for his heart's desire.

Will she grant him his wish, and usher him into the arms of another? Or will she fall in love and claim him for herself.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.50