Santa Knows I'm Naughty

Aimee found her early Christmas present waiting for her on the top of her pillow by her husband who was now away on a weeklong business trip. Nathan works for a high-tech research company and was away working on a classified project. It was so top secret that not even Aimee could find out about it. Curiously, she opened the box to find out what her husband had bought her. It was a long, steely black shaft that was called The Black Dragon. Vibrators weren't a foreigner bedroom enhancer for her and Nathan, but she was curious why her husband bought her one to use by herself.

Deciding to try it out, she couldn't believe just how close it felt to how her husband would do things to her. Over the next few days it was driving her mad that this was the first time that they were apart so long since they just got married six months ago. She was really missing her husband badly especially since they were very sexually active. She was hot and bothered for him and couldn't help but want to use The Black Dragon more and more.

Missing Nathan was taking its toll on her in many ways. She even started wondering why he needed to take this business trip because he never had to before. Could there be another woman and leaving the vibrator for Aimee would get her off his back to have sex? She tossed this idea back and forth a few times, but she felt that she was just looking into things too much. That was until she asked her sister to spend some extra time in Aimee's photograph studio to help her out. One of the assignments for Rachel to do was photograph a wedding at The Ambassador Hotel. While Rachel was taking pictures she was completely surprised when she found Nathan was staying there. She immediately called Aimee to inform her of her findings.

How did Aimee react to this news? Why was Nathan in a hotel only miles away from home? Was anyone staying with him? Was Aimee and Nathan's marriage heading for disaster?

I found this story extremely entertaining and I loved the creative storyline. This is a definite keeper in my library and I would love to read more work done by Ms. Rae.

Book Blurb for Santa Knows I'm Naughty

Aimee was a very bad girl this year. Girls this naughty don’t get lumps of coal for Christmas. They get large, bruising, wicked toys from their husbands. But why did Aimee’s husband, Nathan, buy her the toy? Is he tired of playing with her? Has he found a new playmate? When Aimee confronts her husband, determined to force the answer from him, he seizes her new toy and changes the rules to the game. Is Nathan’s gift more than Aimee can handle? Or will they wear the batteries down before New Year’s?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.50