Ruby Magic

While Jamie Francis was renovating the property she had just bought, she had come across the most beautiful ruby necklace that seemed to be intentionally stored in one of the walls. The ruby was oval, about two inches tall and polished smooth on the top. The red was deep and rich in color unlike the too-bright red of manufactured stones. Along with the necklace, there was a poem attached to the bundle stating that the ruby would shine brightly when the wearer would find their soul mate.

She at first believed it was totally insane to think that by just wearing the necklace it was going to help find her soul mate, until one day after putting it on miraculously this really handsome man, named Brock Wilder, shows up on her doorstep. There was an immediate attraction and stepping out of their normal reserved behavior, they let the attraction get the better of them and they have pretty intensive sex together. Once she took the necklace off and left the room for a minute where Brock was, when she would return, strangely enough he was gone. This occurrence happened a few times. Her female twin, Kelsey, believed the necklace had some kind of magical powers and tried convincing Jamie to also believe in it. Ironically, every time Jamie would put the necklace back on, Brock would show up again at her door.

Was the necklace really magical? Did it possess some kind of power that controlled these two people? Since the ruby seemed to shine whenever Jamie and Brock were together, did that indicate that they were destined to be soul mates together?

I really enjoyed this story because I thought it contained a very creative storyline. It had me wondering throughout the entire story if the necklace was really some magical piece of jewelry. This one is a definite keeper in my library and I feel you will enjoy it if you were to add it to yours, too.

Book Blurb for Ruby Magic

Sometimes forever requires a touch of ruby magic.

Jilted Jamie Francis is a skeptic where true love is concerned, and when she discovers a ruby necklace during renovations on her wedding chapel that claims to call her soul mate, she is pretty sure somebody has been reading a little too much sappy poetry.until she slips the necklace on and hunky nature photographer, Brock Wilder, shows up on her doorstep.

Jamie and Brock have an undeniable attraction to each other, but every time Jamie takes off the necklace, Brock disappears. Could the ruby be the only thing keeping these two romantically challenged lovers together or is something even more magical at work?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.00