Ride A Cowboy

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Ride A Cowboy

Contemporary Cowboy

Ava Carrington and her best friend, Julia Masters, were both enjoying the male subject they were drawing in their night school art class. Ava was having such a hard time concentrating though because the gorgeous cowboy modeling for the class was sizzling hot. Julia was quick to critique her friend's work though and Ava didn't know why she had even allowed Julia to talk her into the class in the first place. Art was the furthest thing from her mind while looking at the handsome hunk in front of her.

Poor Ava had a lot on her mind lately. After winning her grandfather's old estate once he died from her money-grubbing, already worth a fortune parents, Ava's legal bills wiped out all her financial funding she had hoped to put into the house she so loved. On top of that, the daycare center where Ava was a teacher had closed because of a loss of governmental funding just six days after she obtained her mortgage, so this made her sink more in a hole and she was desperate for work. She accepted the first job that came her way which was a temporary position at a foreclosure company where Julia was an accountant. Happy she was receiving some form of income coming in, she hated the fact she had to serve foreclosure paperwork to families though. It bothered her so much, she decided to try to help out some of the clients to find the means to make payments on their mortgage, although her boss wasn't entertained at all by this idea. Being kind and having a heart with these clients was only getting her into trouble.

Her luck wasn't going to get any better for her either. With all her own problems surrounding her, she couldn't figure out why this hunky cowboy model was still consuming her thoughts. She already had enough to worry about. Now this complete stranger wouldn't leave her mind.

Hating her job, but knowing she needed the money, her boss gave her two more sets of foreclosure papers to serve. The first client promised to be out by the end of the month. The second serving didn't work out as well as Ava thought it would. She felt bad and worked out a deal with him knowing full well this was going to get her into even more trouble at work then she already was in.

Why did Ava not serve the second set of papers to the man? Who was this second client that she had tried helping before they lost their house? Why was she putting her job on the line for this complete stranger? Did she lose her job in the process? What happened to the second client after all?

I was extremely entertained by this story from the very first word. Ms. Destler has a wonderful way with words and she knows how to tell an entertaining story. I felt for Ava and hoped that luck would finally find her after all the heartbreak that she had been through. Ride A Cowboy is a definite keeper in my library and I highly recommend this story to others. This one is a winner in my book and I know once you've read it, you will also agree with me. Keep up the fantastic work!

Book Blurb for Ride A Cowboy

Sexy cowboy Mitch Cartwright is desperate enough to do just about anything to keep his ranch. Even if it means strutting his nearly naked self in an art class for extra money.

When Ava Clarington gets an eyeful of the handsome hunk, she can think of plenty of ways to help reduce his stress. There's only one thing standing in her way-how is she going to get to know him better when she has to serve him foreclosure papers on his ranch?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50