Rescued Heart

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Rescued Heart

Lt. Fallon Carter was summoned with three other members of her team to be briefed by Colonel Hampton. They never expected to receive the terrible news he was going to inform them of.

Lieutenant Eric Sanders was wounded on a mission. He was being treated and debriefed. Captain Kade Taggart wasn't as lucky to escape. He was captured and once Fallon found out, it ripped right through her heart. She was happy her lover was alive, but worried about his well-being. Something didn't sit well with Fallon after hearing this news though.

Kade was a smart man who always analyzed his missions carefully and prepared for every case scenario to occur. Her gut told her that someone within that room was a traitor. But how could she prove it?

Kade and Fallon knew all along that it was against the rules to be together, but they couldn't deny their love and attraction for one another. For six months they snuck around and shared whatever time they could together. Deciding mutually that a transfer would be the only way to stop the sneakiness, Fallon put her paperwork in. But that was two months ago and still no word yet if she got it or not.

She asked the Colonel if there would be any rescue mission planned for the return of Captain Taggart and to her surprise, there was no rescue mission in the works. She knew she just couldn't sit and wait for his return. Fallon decided to take matters into her own hands.

What did Fallon plan to do? Did she recruit anyone else from the team who she did trust to assist her? Who was the traitor in the group? What did they have to gain in Kade's capture?

This is one of Donna's military stories and she writes it with such ease. She is an excellent writer because no matter what the material or genre, she pulls the story off extremely well. She is a very thorough writer in providing much detail in what she writes and her love of writing can be felt through every story I have read and reviewed so far. Donna is a very talented writer and I would definitely convince any reader to look into her work. I know she won't disappoint you.

Book Blurb for Rescued Heart

Lt. Fallon Carter is on a mission; an unauthorized mission to rescue the man she loves, Cpt. Kade Taggart, her commander and secret lover for the past few months.

Captured during a failed assignment, thanks to a mole in their team, he's in the hands of the enemy and she can't trust anyone but herself to go in and get him out. Will she be too late? Can she flush out the mole and safely rescue the man who holds her heart?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00