Rebecca was sent on an out-of-state sales trip for the day. Unfortunately, this put a nix in her plans of leaving work early to help her friend, Christie, get ready for that night's Halloween party that her friend was throwing. While rushing home from the business trip, her company car broke down on I-35 south of Emporia. If that wasn't bad enough, the mechanic told her that the problem wouldn't be fix until tomorrow afternoon. Now she was stuck one hundred miles away from Kansas City with a company car that was broken down, no means to get home because she can't just abandon the company car and now that meant she had no means to get to the party.

She was really upset. Halloween was her favorite night out of the whole year because she could become someone more exciting, more daring and she was even more willing to take risks. If she missed this party she was going to have to wait a whole year again to dress up and be daring.

She knew she better find a place to spend the night. She found the Rendezvous Ranch Motel and had no choice but to rent a room. The place looked like something straight out of a horror film. After renting Room 7 she asked the front desk clerk if there were any restaurants, bars or any kind of local entertainment nearby. He informed her the closest food place was eight miles away and they didn't deliver past six. Practically in tears now, he felt bad and handed her an unopened half-pint of cheap scotch and told her that she could have it to calm herself down. Walking to her room she decided she was going to drown her sorrows with the scotch.

She poured herself several inches in a disposable cup and took a few gulps. Something in her peripheral vision caught her eye. She looked over to her costume that she had brought along with her to save her time after work and she decided to put the costume on even if she was going to be the only one to see her in it. This year she chose to be Marie Antoinette. She found the dress in a book of theatrical patterns and spent a great deal of her time making it from scratch. The dress had many complicated layers and delicate gathers. It was lavender satin with fringes of crystal beads and ivory lace trim. She put the costume on and admired how good she looked in the mirror. With that she heard a male voice speak to her. Quickly turning around the room expecting to see someone in there with her, she was uneasy to find that she was the only one there. Or so she thought.

Who was in the room with her, if anyone? How did they get in her room and why were they there? What business did they have with Rebecca and why?

Rendezvous is a themed story from Total-E-Bound's Taboo line and was a very interesting story. The descriptions were lifelike and the storyline gripping. If you are into heavy bondage this story might be for you. For those readers who like things on the lighter side be warned this is from the Taboo line and might be too much for you.

Book Blurb for Rendezvous

For Rebecca, Halloween has always been special, an opportunity for her to cast off her sensible, ordinary self and assume a new look and a new identity: someone extraordinary, sensual and seductive.

When Halloween night finds her stranded by a breakdown in a seedy motel nearly a hundred miles from her friend's annual party, she's terribly frustrated and disappointed. Then she discovers that her room is haunted by the invisible but unquestionably virile ghost of a rake who seduced local women nearly half a century earlier. Gradually, the ghost unmasks Rebecca's secret desires, fulfilling every one.

By the time midnight tolls, Rebecca has come face to face with more magic than she had ever imagined.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 3.00