Red Rosas: Lovers of Mesilla

Quentin Romero, a very wealthy rancher heir, is in love with one of his family’s servants, Teresa De La Garza. But his mother, Carlotta, is consumed with power and greed and she has plans for Quentin to marry into the wealthy Garcia family. She would never approve of her son having a relationship with a servant, so they must keep their love a secret. 
When Carlotta discovers the couple has been trysting in the barn, she decides to see to it her son comes to his senses once and for all. In one fateful night, lives change. Truths are revealed and innocence is shattered.
How does Carlotta go about forcing Teresa out of Quentin’s life? What happens when Carlotta catches them together? How does she react? Does she ever regret what happens that terrible night? Can Quentin and Teresa’s love survive?
Ms. Coverstone wrote such an emotionally packed story even though this was only a short read. It was jammed packed with love, betrayal and a lifetime of many regrets. I had goosebumps running down my arms as I was reading it. I absolutely love the ending of her story and felt it was perfect for this tale. If you love Historicals with a hint of Paranormal added to them, run don’t walk to pick this story up. Great job!

Book Blurb for Red Rosas: Lovers of Mesilla

New Mexico Territory, 1850

Young lovers Quentin Romero and Teresa De La Garza must keep their romance secret from his mother, Carlotta. As matriarch of the Romero Ranch, Carlotta would never approve a marriage between the Romero heir and their mestizo servant. Stealing kisses in the barn and sneaking away at night to be with Teresa only serve to strengthen Quentin's vow--
somehow, some way, the lovely senorita will be his wife.

Consumed with power and fortune, Carlotta will let nothing stand in the way of her plans. She intends on Quentin marrying into Old Mexico City's aristocracy--the wealthy Garcia family. But when she returns home early from her travels and discovers Quentin and Teresa in a compromising situation, Carlotta's rage becomes the catalyst for tragedy.

Lives change. Truths are revealed. Innocence is shattered. Can true love still survive?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.50