Reckless Rewards

Book Length: Quickie

Sandra and Marco have been close friends for almost five years. They met while they were working at the local bank. Marco was a teller while Sandra was a clerk in the accounting department. Even though they were both in long-term relationships their friendship blossomed. Their friendship first went from just taking breaks together at work and teasing each other to meeting up for lunch or dinner while their significant others were busy doing other things. They could depend on each other for sound advice when one of them had a personal problem they were trying to solve.

Then one night while having dinner with each other something changed between them. They both felt it, but were uncomfortable to talk about it at first with the other person. They've known each other for five years and neither knew when things actually started changing between them.

What exactly happened between Sandra and Marco that had them questioning what was going on between them? What did they do about it? How did this affect the significant other they were involved with?

I found this story to be a fun and light read for me. It was nice to see that Sandra and Marco had a strong friendship together and they were extremely close to each other. If you're interested in a short, entertaining read, this is definitely the one to look into.

Book Blurb for Reckless Rewards

Sandra is confused. It's as if she was looking at her best friend Marco with new eyes. Her comfortable advisor and companion has suddenly turned into a gorgeous Italian male. What is this feverish need engulfing her body that makes her itch to wrap her arms around his neck and to reach up to kiss him on the lips?

Why not be reckless and have the chance to experience what could be the hottest and most romantic experience of her life? The answer is quickly obvious to Sandra and the rewards are all she could wish for.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.00