Outback Sizzle

When Cassie Mitchell, an American, finds out that she will get the chance to be close to Chase O’Connor, an Australian cowboy, she jumps at the opportunity. She has loved Chase from afar through looking at all pictures her brother would bring back from his vacation at his friend’s ranch in Australia. But she knows she has to go there with some sort of plan so he doesn’t find out who she really is and blow the only opportunity she may get at seducing Chase. Since she’s so driven to have this work out, she calls Chase’s mother, Maisie, and tells her what her idea is. His mother helps Cassie devise a believable enough plan to trick her own son in hopes that he’ll like Cassie enough to finally settle down.
The women come up with the idea of Cassie traveling to Chase’s ranch on the premise that she’s on a vacation from work, but his mother convinced her that with her credentials of being a sex therapist, she’ll be Chase’s companion and evaluator during her time there. He’s curious just how far this companionship thing is going to go because he thinks she’s gorgeous looking and would love to have her in his bed. Cassie further explains that she’s there to help seduce him to make certain everything is working correctly sexually since his mother is concerned he’ll have some of the same sexual dysfunctions that his father has. Chase knows nothing is wrong with his manhood, but he isn’t going to pass this opportunity up to have a hot romp in the hay with this sexy woman. But when he finds out what the true reason is as to why Cassie is there and that his mother is completely in on the whole situation, he decides that he can play along with their game and have fun at the same time.
What happens when Cassie and Maisie find out that Chase is onto their scheme? Does Cassie achieve her goal of seducing Chase enough that he wants to have a relationship with her? Or does this whole situation blow up in everyone’s face?
Ms. Fleming penned a hot, sexually packed story within these pages for her readers to fully enjoy. She sprinkled humor throughout the pages and I couldn’t help but laugh at the schemes everyone was coming up with. I must admit I certainly enjoyed the encounters between Chase and Cassie. During their romps together, I could have sworn I saw steam coming off the pages. I had hoped that Cassie would succeed at winning Chase over and I also hoped that he wouldn’t be too upset when he found out the real reason why Cassie and his mother were going out of their way to have Cassie visit him. The author did a wonderful job entertaining me and I know you will enjoy this story as much as I did.

Book Blurb for Outback Sizzle

Wild Australian nights, a sexy woman and a cowboy too hot to handle…

After drooling over sizzling Aussie cowboy Chase O’Connor’s photo for the last four years, American Cassie Mitchell jumps at the chance to head to his outback property, even if it means plotting with his mother and masquerading as his paid companion. If that’s the only way she can satisfy the lust that eats at her soul, so be it. She will happily sacrifice herself to the cause.

When Chase finds out about the plot, he decides to play Cassie and his mother at their own game. That means following Cassie’s every move, even if they are hot, erotic encounters and steam-inducing massages. A guy just has to grin and bare it!

Publisher’s Note: Previously published elsewhere, Outback Sizzlehas been edited and revised for Ellora’s Cave.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.00