Only Man For The Job

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Only Man For The Job

Laney Peters wanted to get some estimates done to see how much it was going to cost her to get her upstairs bathroom remodeled. One of the contractors turned out to be Keith Jansen, her ex-boyfriend that she still had been dreaming about for the past two years. She was thrilled to see him, but tried being suave and carefree about letting her feelings known to him.

She invited him in and he went upstairs to have a look at the bathroom. That wasn't the only thing he wanted to look at though. He also still had feelings for Laney. Truth be told, she was the one who walked out on him. Unfortunately, they pretty much fought over everything back then, but he sure knew how to please Laney in bed.

Thinking back she knew that her reasons for leaving him were all over his refusal to take any financial help she offered him after he had lost his job. With her and her father's help, they pulled some strings and arranged for him to get a fantastic job with a major construction company. Once he found out though, hell broke loose and after fighting with him about it she left for good.

Now after two years, could they both forgive and forget the past and try to start anew? Were they both willing to give it their all this time to keep this relationship on track? Or did Laney decide that Keith was in her past and that's how things should stay between them?

I really enjoyed this short story by Liza James. The characters seemed to jump off the page at me and you could just feel the sexual tension because they were seriously attracted to each other. I was hoping that they would decide to leave the past in the past and move forward making a fresh start. Ms. James knows how to pen sexual tension extremely well between two characters. I was especially surprised how well she accomplished that goal considering it was her first story she had written. This was a hot read for me and I feel you will agree once you read it for yourself. You can't go wrong picking up one of her stories, because once you do, you'll be hooked like I am!

Book Blurb for Only Man For The Job

She never should have left, he never should have let her. Too bad it takes two years and many sleepless nights to realize he's always been the Only Man For the Job.

Laney Peters is back in town, and this time she's here to stay. When she decides to have the master bath in her new home remodeled, she is unprepared to discover the love of her life standing on her front porch ready to fulfill all her needs.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00