One Night With You

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One Night With You

Alice Abbot lived a quiet and ordinary lifestyle. She was simplistic with everything that she did, levelheaded and very independent. Alice was well-off enough that she didn't have to worry about working at all, but she loved working anyway in the little bookstore she owned. All her friends and locals would gather there to pass gossip around, receive some advice from Alice and just enjoy each other's company. People trusted Alice, but she trusted no one.

One night while she drove home, a terrible storm passed through. The rain cascaded down her windshield so violently that her wipers couldn't keep up in clearing it so she could see where she was going. If that wasn't enough to scare her out of her wits, the loud thunder terrified her deeply and unreasonably. She pulled off the highway to sit the violent storm out. While she sat in the passenger seat at this point to get away from the traffic that passed by her car, she heard out of nowhere a loud knock on her driver's window. She screamed at first, then realized it was a police officer, Ronin Stryker, who stopped to check on her.

He asked her if she was okay and offered for her to sit with him in his police cruiser until the bad storm passed. She quickly got out of her car and jumped into his cruiser. All she wanted to feel was some sense of security and Officer Stryker provided that to her. While in his car, they made some idle chatter trying to pass the time. There seemed to be a connection, a strong connection at that, between these two. Alice was immediately taken by him and she didn't know what had come over her. Once the storm passed, they said goodbye and she thanked him for his kindness and generosity. She kicked herself for not acting upon her gut feeling, but being levelheaded Alice, she knew she would have done the same thing again if given the chance. She had maybe missed out on the biggest opportunity of her life with this man.

Did she ever see Ronin again after that stormy night? If so, where and how did they react toward each other? Could anything ever come out of this in the end for her if they did see each other again?

This was a very enjoyable story for me because it pulled me in from the very first sentence. I loved Alice because everyone seemed to value her opinion and considered her a friend. I felt bad for her though that she lacked some self-esteem because she felt that she couldn't get a guy like Ronin to like her the same way she liked him. The storyline was cleverly written and the characters were quite believable. Ms. Jones did a wonderful job with this story.

Book Blurb for One Night With You

A storm hits, and a terrified Alice pulls off the highway to wait it out. She's relieved when a cop drives up and offers to keep her company. It doesn't hurt that he's probably the sexiest man she's ever met.

Not the type to flirt, let alone ask a guy out, Alice lusts after him quietly and wishes she had enough confidence and courage to act on her desires. But the storm passes and she drives away, sure she'll never see him again.

Ronin, however, is not about to let Alice slip away. Sensing the inner vixen who's dying to get out, Ronin coaxes her into his bed for one incredible night of the hottest sex she's ever known.

Now that Alice has had a taste, one night with Ronin has left her craving more. Can she allow herself to enter a relationship based on unbelievable sex, or should she return to her safe but boring life and pretend it never happened?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.50