No Room for Etiquette

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No Room for Etiquette

Madie Lanham was having the worse possible luck ever. She got laid off from her job, broke up with her live-in boyfriend and now had no place to live because of the breakup. She was lucky that her ex-boyfriend, Dennis, decided to stay at a friend's house for a few days so she could get her stuff together and move out. She had no place to go though. Packing her stuff up, she headed down to the store to buy lunch and a few newspapers. She needed a job and a place to live immediately. Moving back home with her parents was definitely not an option at twenty-five years old. After she circled a few ads, she started making some calls. Finally, one of the ads for a live-in temp to handle light housework and cooking had caught her eye. So she decided to call and make an appointment even though she had no experience in housecleaning.

She headed to the interview later that day and met up with Elsa Borkowski, who was Adam Gerste's assistant. Elsa interviewed Madie and liked her immediately. After checking her references, she offered her the position. Madie was relieved that she now had a place to live and a job for six weeks. That would give her just enough time to find another place to live permanently and find another steady job. Luck was finally on her side.

After six that evening, she called Adam as Elsa had directed her to do. He was home now from work and he gave Madie directions to his house. Once she arrived there, she couldn't get over just how beautiful the house was, but more importantly, how gorgeous her new employer was.

What was Adam's first impression of Madie? Did they hit it off together or did their personalities clash? Would they be able to co-exist for six weeks under these circumstances?

I absolutely adored this story by Ms. Jade. The characters were extremely believable and very well developed. The story flowed smoothly and I enjoyed the characters so much that I wished the story was longer. Ms. Jade did a fantastic job writing this story and I would like to read more from her. I would definitely recommend this to other readers. You won't be disappointed.

Book Blurb for No Room for Etiquette

No job. No boyfriend and no place to live, Madie Lanham jumps at an offer to serve as a live-in housekeeper for a successful lawyer. It should have been simple and easy. However, lust at first sight catches her off guard. In the midst of a big case, Adam Gerste finds his gorgeous employee way too distracting. Right under his roof, mutual desire runs hot and has them in a grip too strong to ignore. Professional etiquette demands proper conduct but they’re in danger of breaking every rule.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 5.00