No More Than Friends

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No More Than Friends

Brit and Quinton have been best friends now for eight years. Ever since they met in college, their relationship has remained very special to the both of them. When they were in school, Brit laid down the ground rules that they were to only remain best friends – nothing more.

Now years later, helping Q fix-up his new house, Brit realizes that the man she sees before her is someone she’d like to get to know better. She’d like to explore the feelings she’s experiencing for him and have it be on a more intimate level than just being best friends to one another. But what will Q think of her and their friendship if she were to let him know she’s interested in him in a sexual way? Is it possible that Q has the same interest in Brit? Could a relationship work between them?

This was a short, fun story I enjoyed reading. I loved how Brit and Q remained close best friends over the years and I could see they both adored each other. I had hoped that if they took their relationship to the next level, it would work out for the both of them. I’m new to Ms. Hicks and her stories, but I do look forward to reading more from her in the future. Since this is only a handful of pages, it will definitely be perfect to fit it into anyone’s hectic schedule.

Book Blurb for No More Than Friends

Contemporary Champagne Rosette
Rating: Spicy
Page Count: 11
Helping her best friend Quinton fix up his new house has Brit wanting to help herself to something more. At college, she laid down the ground rules between her and Q: no more than friends. Now, eight years later, Brit is ready to test the theory "best friends make the best lovers." But Q has some ground rules of his own.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.00