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It was the year 1700 and Angelica and Lucas were so in love with each other. They hated the fact they had to sneak around, out of view, to be with one another. Lucas knew how bad Angelica's life was since her mother died and her father, Matthias Morgan, treated his daughter like a personal slave. During a rendezvous of theirs, Lucas proposed to Angelica and vowed that he would change her life forever by taking her away from her father for good. She eagerly accepted his proposal wanting nothing more than to spend the rest of her life in happiness with the man she so loved and away from her domineering father. Plans didn't go as well as they had both planned though.

Off in the near distance their world fell extremely silent. They knew someone was approaching and while they hurriedly got dressed, a tall man dismounted his ride and other men surrounded them. Angelica knew immediately that it was her father and his men. Commanding her to go to the horse to get ready to leave with him, Angelica stood up to her father. Enraged by her disrespectfulness towards him, he backhanded her and she fell to the ground injured and weeping. Lucas stood up to Matthias and explained she was now betrothed to him. Matthias, wanting no part of this arrangement, took his pistol out and shot Angelica. Lucas embraced her near lifeless body and pleaded for her not to die. Death took her from him though and he would forever be lost without his true love.

While mourning beside her lifeless form, Lucas was approached yet again. This time it was from someone who wanted to help him seek revenge for Angelica's death. This man was named Lord Elston and Lucas made a deal with him that would change his life forever. He didn't know though that meant he was going to roam the world for centuries looking for his beloved Angelica.

Did Lucas ever find Angelica, his one and only true love, ever again? If so, did she remember who he was in her past life? Did she accept him with open arms or question who he really was? How was Lucas ever able to break the curse Lord Elston had put him under?

I thoroughly enjoyed this story because I fell in love with Angelica and Lucas. I wanted her to finally be rid of her caustic father and start a life filled with the love and happiness that they both deserved. The storyline was extremely unique and the characters were so believable. I felt as if I was another character in the story watching everything unfold in front of me. This story was a page-tuner for me from the very beginning and I would definitely recommend it to other readers. I assure you that you will not be disappointed with Ms. Destler's work.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.50