Night Ride

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Night Ride

Lily Ryan ran from her old life in Austin, Texas because of a bad breakup. She decided to relocate to a tiny Central Texas town of Courtland, which was named for the founders of the ranch she worked at, Hellfire Ranch. Though she worked for the three Courtland brothers, there was something about the eldest brother, Ridge, that drove her heart crazy. She was so attracted to him, but knew that through no uncertain terms she had to remain professional at all times and not slip to him or anyone else how she truly felt.

Then, one day out of nowhere, Lily began to receive one perfect lily placed on her desk everyday for one straight month. There was nothing else that was attached to the lily to give her any hint as to who this admirer was and deep down in her heart she hoped it was Ridge.

Finally, on the last day, there was a note propped up against the stem of the flower saying that her mystery man was offering her the ride of her life. He was sending her a car to pick her up at nine o'clock that evening. If she accepted the invitation, she would be given a package from the driver and she was asked to follow the instructions inside.

Did Lily accept the invitation? If so, what was in the package her admirer gave to the driver to give to her and what did the instructions consist of for her to do? Where was her admirer taking her and what kind of evening did he have planned for them? Most importantly, which employee from the ranch was Lily's Secret Admirer?

I found this story to be quite a page-turner for me and Ms. Holt conveyed Lily's feelings so well throughout the story that I was feeling those same emotions as if I was Lily. I found myself hoping that the mystery man turned out to be Ridge. I loved how her admirer had everything planned out for her as a charade to keep her entertained throughout the evening, but still intrigued by whom it might be because of the blindfold that she was requested to wear. This story was very romantic and erotic and I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish. I would definitely recommend this story to others and I look forward to reading more stories from Ms. Holt.

Book Blurb for Night Ride

He'd been leaving a flower every day for the past month on Lily Ryan's desk in her office at Hellfire Ranch. Just one single lily. No name, no card. Any one of the cowboys working the ranch could have left it. Or could it be the man she'd lost her heart to? And now he'd left an invitation for a night of erotic adventure.

Could she accept an offer of forbidden pleasure from a total stranger when her heart belonged to another? Could she take a chance that this Night Ride might lead to everything she desires? Or would she be stepping into a danger greater than she's ever known?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.50