Never Trust a Matchmaking Witch

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Never Trust a Matchmaking Witch

Word Count: 21,165

I found this story to be a fun, light paranormal read that kept me thoroughly entertained until the very last page. I was laughing out loud over the magical antics Alicia and her Wiccan friends were up to. I was so happy how everything turned out for Susan and Brad and that everyone pitched in to help Misty, Alicia’s horse, while she was delivering her foal during a complicated birthing.
This was a fun and extremely amusing story that I think will entertain anyone who picks it up. I’m new to this author and her work and judging by this story, I assure you I will be reading many more of Ms. Paine’s stories in the future. 

Book Blurb for Never Trust a Matchmaking Witch

Susan has some amazing fantasies about Dr. Brad Conway.  Unfortunately, when she's anywhere near the handsome surgeon, she's a tongue-tied catastrophe.  

Along comes Brad's friend Alicia, a horse trainer with a talent for magic and matchmaking.  Trapped at Alicia's home during an ice storm, Susan is thrilled to be on the receiving end of some fascinating, sensual advances from Brad.  When she keeps encountering magical occurrences like a wolf-whistling cabinet, spoons stirring by themselves and a cat with an unerring ability to appear and disappear, not to mention change its own collar, she must decide if she believes in magic. 

But believing has a downside, because now she has a new problem to consider.  Is Brad's passion for her real or is it part of a spell? 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.50