Murphy's Law

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Murphy's Law

Damaged Heroes- Book One

Twenty-nine year old Seth Remington has the world at his feet thanks to the success and wealth of his father, Sterling. Remington Computers is owned and operated by his father’s own blood, sweat and tears and because of this wealth, Seth is a playboy in every sense of the word. He never held a job or even supported himself in anyway because dear old dad always took care of his son. Things are going to change though.
Since Sterling is now ill and dying, Seth needs to be taught a lesson once and for all on what it’s like to stand on his own two feet, with no financial assistance whatsoever, since he didn’t want to take over the reins of Remington Computers. So his father has his attorney rewrite the will and in it states that the inheritance will be completely tied up until Seth meets all the criteria his father has set out for him. One guideline is that Seth must labor as a groom for horse trainer, Katie Murphy, for one whole season and not break any of the criteria his father has set forth in the will. This includes no romantic relations with Katie at all. While working so closely together, Seth and Katie are forced to struggle with their growing attraction to one another.
Can Seth keep his end of the bargain and meet all the criteria his father has set forth in the will? Does Seth actually learn to work and stand on his own two feet? What becomes of Seth and Katie’s attraction they have for each other?
Ms. James wrote a thoroughly entertaining story within these pages. I have to admit that it took me quite some time to warm up to Seth. Even though he was extremely sexy and good looking, his flippant playboy attitude turned me completely off to him. I instantly fell in love with pretty, hard working Katie though. She clearly was no match for carefree, irresponsible Seth. I had every doubt in the world that Seth wasn’t going to make it to the end of one racing season as stipulated by his father’s will. I noticed this to be the first book in a series and I look forward to seeing what else can come about in other Damaged Heroes stories. I would definitely recommend this book to other readers and I’d love to read more work done by Ms. James in the near future.

Book Blurb for Murphy's Law

Seth Remington had a fortune at his fingertips, but something was missing in his life. Purpose. Knowing he has one last chance to redeem his son, terminally ill Sterling Remington rewrites his will. To earn his inheritance, his son Seth must labor as a groom for a horse trainer. Katie Murphy’s orderly existence is turned upside down by Sterling Remington’s will. Raised on hard work and dedicated to her harness racing stable, Katie agrees to take Seth on as a groom. How can she ever fulfill the challenge of instilling a work ethic in Seth and keep still keep her faltering stable running? Kept at arm’s length by the strict terms of Sterling’s will, Seth and Katie are forced to struggle with their growing attraction until a devastating racing accident forces them to take a hard look at their relationship. How much is he willing to risk for her love? 

Word Count: 116,784
Heat Level: STEAMY

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 5.00