Moving In

When two new tenants move into their apartments on moving day things turn chaotic in a hurry. Diane is the type of woman who wants to be someone’s wife and she has some old fashioned values that she follows. Trigvey loves being a doctor, but starts questioning his calling when an accident in the ER happens and he starts doubting himself because of it.
If matters aren’t complicated enough, Trigvey imposes himself and asks Diane if she can hold onto his suitcase and boxes because the apartment he’s renting isn’t vacant yet. Not knowing what to say, she caves in. As times moves on though, what first seems an imposition may be a blessing in disguise.
How long does it take for Trigvey to move his stuff out of Diane’s apartment? Do they become close in the end or do they just remain neighborly to each other? Could there be a spark of interest happening between them? What do they find out that may change their lives forever?
As I was reading this story I found myself wanting Diane to have and enjoy everything she was looking for in life. I knew she was dealing with the hurt and rejection of her ex-fiancé and because of that terrible situation, she deemed every man she dated to be selfish and only wanting her as a slave to him or a trophy wife. When she first met Trigvey it was a strange and awkward situation at best. I personally wouldn’t allow anyone to hold their stuff at my apartment because theirs wasn’t ready yet. I had problems with this storyline because it just seemed that from Trigvey and Diane’s first meeting, to all their subsequent meetings, each one was very strange and even quite odd. Things between them happened at lightning speed and it wasn’t believable for me overall. I did grow to love Trigvey and Diane’s characters and I had hoped they would work things out between them in the end to balance their awkwardness with each other. Although the storyline didn’t settle with me as I had hoped it would, it’s only my personal opinion in the end. The characters were fun to get to know, but I just didn’t come away feeling that the situation between them was all that believable.

Book Blurb for Moving In

Contemporary Sweetheart Miniature
Rating: Sweet 
Page Count: 80
When Diane and Trigvey move into the same building on the same day, more than their suitcases get tangled up.
All his life Trigvey never once doubted his calling to be a doctor, but an accident in the ER has him doubting himself. Diane's willingness to listen helps him get his head on straight. If only he felt worthy of a woman like her.
Diane is the kind of woman who would love to be someone's wife. Not a trophy wife, or simply married, but the kind of wife whose job is to stay home and take care of the family, even if the family is only a husband. She feeds Trigvey and consoles him, and doesn't even know she has him wrapped around her finger. Jilted for a career-woman and raised a bitter divorcée, Diane no longer believes in that dream. It's up to Trigvey to convince her it could still be real, if she chooses him.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.00